R.H. Sheppard

1859                Near the Western Hotel, McArthur, Ohio.

R.H. Sheppard  was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the M’Arthur Democrat (McArthur, Ohio).  The announcement appeared on December 15, 1859

Pictures.—Persons desiring pictures of almost any style or description, are invited to look at the advertisement of Mr. Sheppard, whose Daguerrean car is situated near the Western Hotel.

The advertisement ran from December 15 to 29, 1859.  Pictures!  Pictures!  Sky Light Pictures!   If you wish a picture artistically executed, come to the “Roving Palace.”  My facilities for taking Ambrotypes, Melaneotypes, Sphereographs, &c., are unsurpassed, and it is acknowledged by all persons who know anything about pictures, that the Sky-Light picture for clearness, beauty of light and shade, &c., is far superior to the picture made by a side light.  Another advantage is that Good Pictures can be taken in Cloudy Weather. 

Opinions Of The Press.  “We can say conscientiously, that Mr. Sheppard’s work is of the finest order, and is seldom surpassed.—Jackson Standard.

Mr. Sheppard is an excellent artist, he having been engaged in the business for the last fifteen years.  We can safely recommend him to all.—Iron Valley Express.

He has some specimens of Art, in the way of paintings, Ambrotypes, Melaneotypes, &c. as beautiful as were ever looked upon.—Piketon Union.

From what we have seen we can, without fear of successful contradiction, say that R. H. Sheppard is an excellent artist, and can heartily recommend him and his work to the people whom he may visit.—Waverly Dollar Times.

As I shall remain but a short time in this place, I would say that now is the time.  Tomorrow may be too late.  Life size Photographs, plain or in colors, made to order.  R. H. Sheppard

Drawing and Painting.  R. H. Sheppard, of the Maryland Institute School of Design, would respectfully inform the public of McArthur and vicinity that he is prepared to teach free-hand Drawing.  He will also give lessons in India Ink, Water Colors, Distemper and Oil Colors.  Those desirous of learning either of the above beautiful Arts may rely on through instructions for a moderate price.—For Particulars apply at the Roving Palace.  December 8, 1859.

R. H. Sheppard is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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