Isaac Parish

1858                Morse’s Building, corner Pike & Main Streets, Port Jervis, New York.                      1858                Address Unknown, location Unknown, New Jersey.                                                      1858-1859     Opposite St. John’s Store, Port Jervis, New York.                                                    1859                 Address Unknown, Monticello, New York.

Isaac Parish was recorded in five advertisements and one announcement in the Tri-State Union  (Port Jervis, New York).  The first is for Parish & Edson (posted yesterday) the advertisement ran from February 11 to March 25, 1858.  Ambrotypes and Albatypes.  Parish & Edson, the celebrated New York Artists, would respectfully inform the inhabitants of this place and vicinity, that they have taken and fitted up rooms for their business, and are now prepared to make pictures surpassed by none.

Large Size, Beautiful Colored, 50 Cents.  Faded Pictures restored.  All kinds of Pictures copied in the highest style of the art.  They are the inventors of the Albatus Lumin process, by which pictures can be taken equally as well in stormy as clear weather.  No one need stay away on account of clouds.  Entire satisfaction given or no charge.

They can be found for two weeks only, at Morse’s Building, Cor. Pike & Main Sts.                     N. B. The morning light is most suitable for taking pictures of children.

The second advertisement ran from April 1 to June 17, 1858.  Ambrotypes and Albatypes.  Mr. Parish, formerly of the firm of Parish & Edson, flattered by the liberal patronage received, has determined to locate permanently in this place, and has leased for this purpose the rooms occupied by them for the last two months in Morse’s building, corner Pike and Main sts., where he is prepared to take pictures surpassed by none, and at prices placing them in the reach of all.

Pictures beautifully colored and encased for 50 Cents!

Also constantly on hand an elegant variety of Fancy & Plain Cases to suit tastes the most fastidious.

Mr. Parish has ever used the best and most expensive chemicals manufactured in this country and Europe, hence those clear and brilliant pictures to be obtained only at his gallery.  Included in these is the chemical for the instantaneous production of Children’s Pictures, in which Mr. P. is unsurpassed.  Also on hand for this purpose, a full supply of patience.

This gallery is constructed on the most scientific principles, combining the sky and side light, by which are produced those soft and mellow tints and that elegant contrast of light and shade for which his pictures are so justly celebrated.

Thankful to his patrons for past favors, he hopes ever to merit a continuance of their patronage. Isaac Parish.  Morse’s Building, cor. Pike and Main sts., Port Jervis.

The third advertisement ran from June 24 to July 15, 1858.  The Up-Town Gallery.  Something New!  Albatypes and Ambrotypes!  Mr. Parish, who for the last season has received such liberal patronage from the people of this place and vicinity, would call the attention of his patrons to his new and elegant style of Picture, the Albatype, made only by him.  Those who have seen it pronounce it the finest product of the Photographic Art, combining as it does the beauty of the most elegant ivory painting, with the accuracy of the finest Ambrotype, it never fails to please, and can be seen at any angle; possessing at the same time the most brilliant tone, unsurpassed by the finest specimens of the Daguerrean Art.  The accuracy with which it can be copied makes it valuable above all other pictures, and its showing light as well as dark drapery, no less an advantage.  The disagreeable blending of white caps and light hair with the back-ground of the Ambrotype, is in this done away, presenting instead the most delightful contrast—standing out in bold relief, seemingly raised from the plate.  Their durability too is unsurpassed.

Ambrotypes and Albatypes inserted in Lockets, Breastpins, &c., on Mica Melainotypes and Nielograph material.  Constantly on hand, a fine assortment of Fancy Union, Shell and Composition cases.  Beautiful Union Cases for Family Groups.  Prices low—within the reach of all.

Do Not mistake the place—Parish’s Gallery, opposite St. John’s Brick Store, in Morse’s Building, Upper-Town.

The fourth advertisement ran from November 18, 1858 to May 12, 1859.  Notice!  Notice!!  Re-Opening of the Up Town Gallery.  Mr. Parish, after a successful summer tour through Sussex and adjacent counties of New Jersey, has returned to Port Jervis, with increased facilities for Picture taking.

Thankful for the appreciation the people have shown of his work, he hopes by the aid of a new and enlarged apparatus, Together with an entire new stock of Chemicals and all the latest improvements in the Art, to merit a continuance of their patronage.

Pictures taken at the low price of 50 cents, and beautifully colored.  Pictures taken in any weather, cloudy as well as clear.  Particular attention given to taking children’s pictures, in which Mr. P. is peculiarly successful.  Persons are invited to call and examine his work, Cases, &c.  Gallery opposite St. John’s store, up town, Port Jervis.

The fifth advertisement ran from May 19 to June 30, 1859.  Up Town Gallery.  Mr. M. Perish[1], Would respectfully inform his numerous friends and patrons of this place and vicinity, that he will remain But Three Weeks Longer in this place, and as this will be the last chance to obtain a perfect picture, he invites all who have not supplied themselves with pictures of his taking, to lose no time in doing so.

Pictures of Mr. Parish’s taking are warranted Not To Fade, and none to be found minus, those important organs, the eyes.

Mr. Parish has a new mode of copying pictures, showing a decided improvement on the original picture.  Pictures copied and enlarged to ten times their original size.  Pictures inserted in Lockets, Breastpins and Rings, of the smallest dimensions.  Remember this is The Last Chance to obtain Pictures of Mr. Parish’s taking.  Gallery, opposite St. John & Everit’s Store.   Port Jervis.

The announcement ran on July 28, 1859.  Mr. Isaac Parish, late of this village, in connection with Mr. Haynes of Newton, has located at Monticello in the ambrotype business.

Isaac Parish is not recorded in other photographic directories.

[1] Probably a typo, should be I. Parish.

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