J. H. Murphey (Murphy)

1856-1857                   Address Unknown, Clarksburg, Virginia, [West Virginia]                              1857-1858                   Main Street, Clarksburg, Virginia, [West Virginia]

J. H. Murphey (Murphy) was recorded in two advertisements and two announcements in the Cooper’s Clarksburg Register (Clarksburg, Virginia, [West Virginia]). The first advertisement ran from December 5, 1856 to May 14, 1858. J. H. Murphey, Daguerrean and Ambrotype artist, having purchased the apparatus of Mr. Richmond will continue the business as heretofore, and would say to all those wishing Pictures to give him a call.

The first announcement appeared on September 25.  Last Chance.—J. H. Murphy’s Gallery of Ambrotypes, Photographs, &c., will be open for taking pictures until Saturday, the 3d of October, when it will be permanently closed.  Those wishing pictures had better apply at once.

The second advertisement ran from March 27, 1857 to May 14, 1858.  Murphey’s Gallery Of Daguerreotypes, Photographs and Ambrotypes, on Main Street, Clarksburg, Va.  J. H. Murphy has fitted up a gallery for the above pictures, and having availed himself of all the latest improvements of the art, he flatters himself that he can give full satisfaction.  The public invited to call and examine specimens.  Cloudy days are preferred except for children.

The second announcement appeared on January 8, 1858.  Open Again.—Mr. J. H. Murphy has again opened his Ambrotype Gallery, for the accommodation of all who may desire to obtain these elegant and durable pictures.  He has secured the services of Mr. Spencer, an experienced artist, who takes off “the human face divine” in the highest style of the art.  Call soon, for this will be the last chance.

J. H. Murphey (Murphy) is not listed in other photographic directories.

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