Thomas Miller

1857                Rooms a square or two north east of the Post Office, Upper Sandusky, Ohio.       1859                Rooms on Main Street, opposite Mr. Flack’s Grocery, Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

Thomas Miller is recorded in two advertisements and five announcements in The Wyandot Pioneer (Upper Sandusky, Ohio).  The first advertisement ran from October 8 to November 5, 1857.  People Look To Your Interest.  Now Is The Time To Procure Likenesses In Upper Sandusky.  The Misses Brown, in Wm. Ayers’ New Building, says they are prepared to do neat work and with dispatch, and say they have a right to claim the patronage of the people, above some others.  There is also a car right in front of the Court House, we will not say whether they have a lawful right to the ground or not, whether we understand they take so sort of Pictures.  And T. E. Miller, A square or two North East of the Post Office, At the sign of the Portrait Painting Is doing what he can.  A full description of which would far overrun the bounds of this nation, suffice to say as the workman is known by his chips, and by their fruits, ye shall know them, come and see, and though he is a few steps out of the main thoroughfare of business, he flatters himself that those who wish truthful likenesses will not regret giving him a call.  He will just say that he is prepared to take the indestructible and never fading Ambrotype on Glass, Paper, leather and Sheet Iron, in all their richness of tome, lines, and color of nature, And if any should wish the kind of pearl picture which was exhibited at the late fair from an adjoining Co., they can have they can have them by calling.  As there has of late been something said in reference to who had the best right to claim the patronage of the people in respect to pictures, we would also “show our opinion” and would say that we think those who can serve them the best, let them be of whatever sex they may.  People look before you leap.  T. Miller.

The first announcement appeared on January 28, 1859.  If you want to see yourself as others see you, go to Miller’s rooms, nearly opposite our office, and have your picture taken.

The second announcement appeared on February 18, 1859.  Encourage our own Artist.  We have frequently been surprised to see with what eagerness our people rush to the rooms of strangers who chance to come amongst us, claiming that they are capable of taking Ambrotypes, Daguerreotypes, &c., when we have one of the best artist in the State right in our midst, and who is an old and respectable citizen of our town.  We allude to our old friend, Mr. Thomas Miller, whose rooms and general arrangements are so complete as to enable him to take better pictures than any traveling artist can possibly take.  We have been permitted to examine some of his work recently, and we hazard nothing in saying that it will compare favorably with any we have ever seen.  You can have the likenesses of your children taken in so short a time and so perfectly, that you will not only be pleased but astonished.  Call and see Mr. Miller—his rooms are one door north of the Mason property and directly opposite Mr. Flack’s Grocery.

The third announcement appeared on March 4, 1859.  As it Should be.  Our friend, Mr. Miller, has been literally besieged during the past two weeks by persons desirous of having their pictures taken.  This is right; he does good work, and should be encouraged.  If you want a good likeness of yourself, child or friend call on Mr. Miller.

The fourth announcement appeared on March 11, 1859.  The attention of the reader is directed to the advertisement of Mr. Thomas Miller.  His pictures are acknowledged by all parties to be excellent.

The second advertisement ran from March 11 to December 29, 1859.  More Improvements!  Photographs!  At Miller’s Gallery!  Thomas Miller is now in possession of all the latest improvements in the art of Photographing and is prepared to take these most superb and convenient pictures in a style That Cannot be Excelled, at his gallery, on Main Street, Upper Sandusky, opposite Mr. Flack’s grocery.

Ambrotyping Of all varieties executed to order.  The different colors of the dress given if desired.  His rooms are so arranged as to enable him to accommodate any number of customers in the different branches of his business.

Pictures put into Rings, Pins, Broaches, Lockets, &c., in as good style as that work can be done in any establishment in the State.  Thankful for past favors, he cordially invites all to call and examine his specimens, feeling perfectly satisfied that he is prepared to render satisfaction to all.

The fifth announcement appeared on May 13, 1859.  Go to the picture gallery of Mr. Thomas Miller, girls, if you want correct likenesses of your sweet faces.  Mr. M. is taking better pictures now than can be procured any other establishment in the county.

Thomas Miller is recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Upper Sandusky, Ohio in 1859-1865 without a business address.

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