L. W. F. Mark

Ca. 1859          20 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts.                                                                 ND                     Address and Location Unknown.

L. W. F. Mark was recorded from a facsimile of a broadside. From (Jim Foster’s Classy Camera, Urbana, IL.) with notes. Ca. 1859.

Photographs!  Ambrotypes.  L. W. Mark, Late of Boston, has now the pleasure of informing the inhabitants of this town and vicinity, that he has taken rooms at


for a few days only, for the purpose of taking Photographs, Ambrotypes & Lettertypes.  With superior German Instruments, and the best Stock, he is prepared to take Group or single Miniatures at the lowest prices, and trusts he can please even the most fastidious.

At this Establishment, all are allowed to sit and make changes until satisfied with a likeness.

The supply of Plain and Fancy Cases, Frames, and Life-like Likenesses, and the terms at which they are furnished, he trusts will be an inducement to call and see specimens, if not to patronize.

Copying and all that pertains to the art done at short notice.—Pictures of Deceased Persons taken at their residences; Views, &c.

Parents wishing Miniatures of their Children, will please come in the fore part of the day, as the light is stronger and better.  Come One, Come All, Give the Lame Man a Call!  L. W. F. Mark.

“Twenty-two original broadsides were found with much of the photographers camera equipment.  He was born and raised in Keene, New Hampshire.  In the 1850’s he worked as an apprentice at a Boston Daguerreian Gallery located at 20 Washington Street.  In a letter to his mother dated 1859 he wrote I live in a gentleman’s hotel and looking around at all the potential Customers…he purchased two of Roberts, Box-in-a-Box Daguerrian cameras one ¼ plate and one ½ plate, plate holders, tripod, and other materials for wet-plate photography.  He returned to Keene, New Hampshire and became town clerk.

L. W. F. Mark is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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