F. P. Marcy

1851                Gardner Centre, Gardner, Massachusetts.                                                                      1853-1856     Market Street, Potsdam, New York.

F. P. Marcy was recorded in two advertisement.  The first advertisement ran from October 3 to November 4, 1851 in the Worcester Daily Spy (Worcester, Massachusetts).  Rare Chance, To Daguerreotypers.  The subscriber being obligated to quite this business on account of ill health, offers his business on account of ill health, offers his splendid Daguerreian Gallery, at a great bargain to any one wishing to travel in that business.  This gallery has been visited by a great many operators, and is acknowledged by them to be the best arrangement for light and convenience of any known.  It is 24 feet long by 7½ ft. wide, and was built by M. T. Breck of Worcester.

For further particulars inquire of the proprietor at Gardner Centre, Mass, where the property may be seen.   F. P. Marcy.

The second advertisement ran from November 22, 1853 to April 15, 1856 in The Ogdensburgh Sentinel (Ogdensburgh, New York).  Daguerreotypes.  F. P. Marcy’s permanently established Sky Light Gallery, Market Street, Potsdam, N. Y.—Pictures taken daily from 8 A. M. till 4 P. M., without regard to weather, and warranted equal to the best of city work.  Those who have had pictures taken in the city or country, are respectfully invited to call and compare them with his work.  F. P. Marcy.  Potsdam, N. Y., Feb. 19, 1853.

F. P. Marcy is not listed in other photographic directories.

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