E. C. Kiblinger

1855-1858       Address Unknown, Jackson. Louisiana.

E. C. Kiblinger is recorded in two announcements and two advertisements.  The first announcement appeared on July 21, 1855 in The American Patriot (Clinton, Louisiana).  By reference to our advertising list the reader will find the card of our old friend E. C. Kiblinger, who still continues the practice of the daguerrean art in Jackson.  We have not yet had an opportunity to look at his specimens, but every one who has examined them reports most favorably of their life-like exactness in appearance.  Those of our friends and patrons who
“would catch the shadow ere the substance flies,” we recommend them to call at Mr. Kiblinger’s daguerrean gallery where the thing will be done up to their entire satisfaction.

The first advertisements ran from July 21, 1855 to January 12, 1856 in The American Patriot  (Clinton, Louisiana).  E. C. Kiblinger, Daguerrean Gallery, Jackson, LA.  Pictures taken on whole plates or any other size down to the smallest sitting, for rings or pins.  Likenesses of Infants and family place Pictures taken by a “Quick Worker,” Old Pictures or Paintings copied, and satisfaction given in all cases or no sale.

Post Mortem Pictures taken at short notice when a conveyance is furnished.  Apparatus, Stock and Chemicals for sale, and Instructions carefully and thoroughly given in the art at liberal rates.  Please call and examine specimens.  Jackson, July 20, 1855.

The second announcement appeared on June 21, 1856 in The Feliciana Democrat (Clinton, Louisiana).  Ambrotypes.  On yesterday, Prof. D. G. Morse brought to our office, for our inspection, some exquisitely beautiful specimens of the Ambrotype, a modern invention in the way of likenesses, taken by E. C. Kiblinger, at his Ambrotype, Photograph, and Daguerrean Gallery, Jackson, La.  These specimens show a high order of artistic talent, and prove the operator to have a thorough knowledge of his business.  We would recommend the lovers of the beautiful, to call on Mr. K., at his gallery, and procure a likeness, on glass, taken by an artist second to no other.  The Ambrotype is taken on glass, and is far more durable and naturally lifelike than the Daguerreotype, and is bound to supersede it.

From the specimens before us, we have no hesitancy in pronouncing and recommending Mr. Kiblinger as a perfect master of the Beautiful art.  He is far ahead of any operator who has ever visited this section of country.  He will give through instructions in the art, to any one wishing to learn the business.  See his advertisement in another column.

The second advertisement ran from June 21, 1856 to July 10, 1858 in The Feliciana Democrat  (Clinton, Louisiana).  E. C. Kiblinger’s Ambrotype, Photograph and Daguerrean Gallery, Jackson, LA.  Good Pictures Taken In All The Above Styles, or No Sale.

The double Ambrotype, on glass, shows on both sides, or really two pictures, and is a great favorite with lovers of the beautiful.

Through Instructions carefully given to those wishing to learn the above arts.  Complete Sets of Apparatus furnished at reasonable rates.  All are invited to call and examine specimens.

E. C. Kiblinger is not listed in other photographic directories.

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