R. S. Baraclow

A new advertisement found that sheds light on a previously blogged photographer named Barkelow who on July 12, 1854 with other Daguerreotypist was arrested on complaint of practicing their business on Sundays.  In other sources Barkelow’s name is spelled differently.

In an article entitled the Photographic Galleries of America.  Number One, New York. The author visited 69 Galleries in New York City.  Barcalo—A really good artist. His ambrotypes are excellent.  I believe he has a large run of custom.  This is a very good criterion to judge by.

In an advertisement in the New York Daily Tribune dated January 30, 1858 the following advertisement appears.  To Photographic Artists.—For sale, one-half of the entire interest in Barcalow & Hope’s Two Galleries, No. 76 and 80 Bowery, New York.  This is a rare chance to secure a first-class business place.  Possession given April 1, or sooner if desired.  For particulars apply personally or by letter to G. W. Hope, No. 80 Bowery, New York.

And in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry John identifies him as R. S. Baraclow. With the activity dates of 1850-1857.  From 1850–1855 at 80 Bowery, 1854-1855 in partnership with S. T. Reed at 132 Bowery, in 1855-1856 at 80 & 132 Bowery, and in 1857 at 80 Bowery, in 1857-1858 in partnership with George W. Hope. George W. Hope is recorded as being at 76 & 80 Bowery, New York from 1857 to 1860.

Which spelling is correct?  Since John did not list a variant spelling in his work I will also use R. S. Baraclow as the main entry but will also reference the other spellings.

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