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Joseph K. Bundy

1848                Waldo Block, Worcester, Massachusetts.                                                                    1850                142 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts.                                                                1852                Brinley Row, Worcester, Massachusetts.[1]                                                                1854                District 4, Southbridge, Massachusetts.

Joseph K. Bundy was recorded in 1848 and in 1854 in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographer, 1839-1900.  On March 23, 1850 he appeared in an advertisement in the Worcester Daily Spy (Worcester, Massachusetts) that ran until May 18, 1850.  Can’t be Beat!  The subscriber would say to his old friends in this City and vicinity that he has taken the well known Daguerreotype Rooms, No. 142 Main Street, Worcester, two doors north of B. L. Hardon & Co.’s Store, where he is prepared to take As Good Pictures, and as Cheap, as can be taken in this or any other city, and set them in Cases, Lockets, Pins, and Rings.  No pains will be spared in giving satisfaction.  Ladies and Gentlemen are invited to call and examine specimens before sitting elsewhere.    J. K. Bundy

On April 4, 1850 in the same paper the following announcement appeared.  Fine daguerreotypes.  We would call the attention of our readers to J. K. Bundy’s advertisement of Daguerreotypes, at the old stand, next door to B. L. Hardon, & Co.’s Store, where so many good pictures have been made.  Those who wish any thing in his line will be promptly attended to, and may expect good likenesses.

In the same newspaper the following advertisement ran from January 20 to March 29, 1852.  To the Public.  Adams’ Premium Daguerreotypes!  Rooms, directly opposite the American House, over the Citizen’s Bank.

Good Pictures taken as cheap as at any other room in the city.  Customers will find one of the Best Reception Rooms, furnished with Musical Instruments for Ladies and gentlemen to while away their time, while waiting.  Also, one of Carharts Best Æolians for sale. Visitors from the Country are respectfully invited to give us a call.              J. K. Bundy, Assistant Operator.

In 1851 George Adams is reported to be in Providence Rhode Island it is possible that J. K. Bundy as the Assistant Operator is running the gallery in Worcester.

[1] Address based on George Adams’s entry in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers, 1839-1900.