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Knight C. Woodley

1858-1859       312 E Street, near Willards’, Washington, D. C.

1859                Opposite the Star Office, Pennsylvania Avenue & 11 Street, Washington, D. C.

1860                288½ Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D. C.[1]

Knight C. Woodley was recorded in five advertisements and fourth announcements in the Evening Star (Washington, D. C.).  The first advertisement ran from June 14 to November 23, 1858.  Portraits For The Million.—A perfect Portrait of yourself for 25 cents, warranted not to fade.  2,000 of these beautiful pictures made by Woodley in nine weeks.  No charge unless the sitter is perfectly satisfied.  Pictures on paper for 50 cents, which can be sent by mail without extra charge.  Every variety of cases kept on hand.  Sun light not required. 

K. C. Woodley, Photographer, No. 312 E. Street, near Willards.                             

The second advertisement ran from August 7 to 11, 1858.  Call At Scott’s Bookstore On Pa. avenue, between 14th and 16th streets, and get a dollar Book and a Daguerreotype for only one dollar….Daguerreotypes will be taken by that excellent artist E. N. Lewis, at Mrs. Redmond’s Gallery, No. 12 Market Space, and by R. C. Woodley, 312 E street.                                                     

The first announcement appeared on October 30, 1858.  Sun Painting.—Woodley, No. 312 E. Street, continues to take those really superior portraits for a quarter of a dollar.  His gallery is thronged from morning until night and he continues to give satisfaction to all his numerous patrons.  Those who wish a likeness in any style of the varied branches of Photographic art, should not omit to give him a call.

The third advertisement ran from November 24 to December 24, 1858.  A Question.—Why do the public from all parts of the city go to Woodley’s Gallery for Portraits?  Because they can there obtain a perfect likeness for 25 cents and upwards, and no charge unless the sitter is perfectly satisfied.

K. C. Woodley wishes to return thanks to his numerous patrons for the very liberal support he has met with, and hopes by strict attention to his profession to merit a continuance of their patronage.

K. C. W. wishes to inform the public that he has made great improvements at his Gallery, which is well warmed and made all snug for the Winter season.  On hand, a good assortment of Cases of the latest design, for Christmas presents.  K. C. Woodley, 312 E. Street, near Willards’ no. 24.

The second announcement appeared on December 24, 1858.  For life-like ambrotypes go to Sand’s and Woodley’s.

The third announcement appeared on January 5, 1859.  By The Advertisement elsewhere it will be seen that some thieves are “taking ambrotypes” from Woodley in a style not satisfactory to that artist.  Among the missing pictures is one of a pretty young bride, perhaps stolen by some rejected lover, who seizes the shadow in lieu of the original.

The fourth advertisement appeared on January 5, 1859.  $10 Reward.—Stolen from Woodley’s Gallery, at different times recently, six fine Ambrotypes—one stolen this morning.  The above reward will be paid on conviction of one of the petty thieves.                                                                                                                     

The fifth advertisement ran from January 24 to December 28, 1859.  Ambrotypes.—Small Profits And Quick Returns.  Portraits, framed 25 cents.  Any size Portraits warranted in best cases or frames at N. York prices.  Come all, and take a sitting for one of those beautiful Pictures, and obtain the ocular proofs, at K. C. Woodley’s Gallery, Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 13th and 14th streets, near Willard’s.                               

The fourth announcement appeared on June 21, 1859.  Woodley, photographer, has found his business increasing to the extent of demanding the opening of a branch establishment opposite the Star office.  See his flag.

Knight C. Woodley is recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Washington, D. C. in 1860 at 288½ Pennsylvania Avenue.

[1] Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.