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W. E. Geer

1856                Car near G. W. Hoxsie’s Store, Kinderhook, New York.                                          1857                Rooms over Becker’s Store in Valatie, New York.                                                        1857-1858     Car near G. W. Hoxsie’s Store, Kinderhook, New York.

W. E. Geer was recorded in five advertisements. The first advertisement appeared on May 29, 1856 in the Kinderhook Herald (Kinderhook, New York). The fact has become absolutely notorious that the best Pictures, at the most reasonable prices of any room in town, are to be procured only at Geer’s Saloon, near G. W. Hoxsie’s Store.  The beautiful Ambrotype, now the most desirable and popular pictures made, are still to be obtained at the Kinderhook Daguerrean Car.  Pictures made at a sitting of three to ten seconds; best hours from 8 o’clock, A. M. to 3 P. M. Daguerreotypes still taken for those who prefer.  Call and see.

The second advertisement ran from June 5 to 26, 1856.  In the Kinderhook Herald (Kinderhook, New York).  Ambrotypes!  The great demand for this new quality of portrait is without a parallel in the history of Photography in this country.  In most respects it is a new art.  While possessing every excellence of the Daguerreotype, it avoids its objectionable features.  Persons desiring portraits of Great Durability, should obtain the Ambrotype.  They are not influenced by any atmospheric action.  Family Groups are taken by this process instantaneously and perfectly.  It is especially adapted to the production of Portraits of Children, so often unattainable by the Daguerreotype or Photograph.  Pictures taken at a sitting of from two to five seconds—stormy weather no hindrance.  Ambrotypes copied from old Daguerreotypes.—Daguerreotypes still made for those who desire them.  cases of all sizes and qualities, in either of which we are ready to insert good pictures of our patrons and friends, at the Daguerrean Saloon, near G. W. Hoxsie’s Store. W. E. Geer, Artist.

The third advertisement ran from September 10 to November 12, 1857 In the Kinderhook Herald (Kinderhook, New York).  Ambrotypes.  Call at the Car and get one of those nice 50 cent Ambrotypes—only 50 cents for case and type.  Large size.

The fourth advertisement appeared on October 22, 1857 in the Kinderhook Herald (Kinderhook, New York).  Pictures for the Million!!  The Ladies and Gentlemen of Valatie, Kinderhook and vicinity, are informed the subscriber has leased and refitted the Ambrotyping rooms lately occupied by J. T. Nichols, over Becker’s Store in Valatie.

These rooms are large, and especially fitted for Picture making in all branches.  Our facilities are such now that we can make Ambrotypes, daguerreotypes, Melainotypes or Photographs on paper.  Cases of all qualities and sizes at prices from 25 cents to 15 dollars.  Patronage solicited, and all work warranted to be as good as can be had elsewhere.  W. E. Geer, Valatie, Oct. 22, 1857.

The fifth advertisement ran from December 31, 1857 to January 7, 1858 in the Kinderhook Herald (Kinderhook, New York).  Ambrotypes—Large Size, Only 50 Cents.  at the Daguerrean Car near G. W. Hoxsie’s store.  A good selection of Cases, of every style and size, constantly on hand, at prices from 25 cents to 5 dollars.

Cases for New Years Presents.  Call and see them.  Our Ambrotypes, Melainotypes or Daguerreotypes will suit all, while our prices are as low as in New York city.  Those wishing Frames for Family groups, of any size or device, can have them at short notice, and 25 per cent cheaper than elsewhere.  Special attention given to copying.   W. E. Geer.

Willard Ellis Geer is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry, possibly active as an itinerant in Nassau, New York in 1854.   There is a very high probability that they are the same person based on the fact that they are using a car/wagon and that the three towns are close to each other.