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Mansfield Drug Store

1851-1852       Address Unknown, Mansfield, Ohio.

Mansfield Drug Store was recorded in one advertisement that appeared on August 25, 1852 in the Richland Shield and Banner (Mansfield, Ohio).  Daguerrean Artists’ Materials.  A full stock for sale cheap for Cash only, at the Mansfield Drug Store.  Nov. 5, ’51.

Mansfield Drug Store is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does record a Gilead Mansfield in Lexington as daguerreotypes and ambrotypes in 1859-1860 it is unknown if they are connected.  The distance (modern roads) between Mansfield and Lexington, Ohio is 7.3 miles.  Ohio Photographers 1839-1900 records him in Lexington from 1859 to 1897.

Samuel Balliette

July 30, 1858 recorded in The Wyandot Pioneer, published in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.  Report of a Shooting Affray in Mansfield, Ohio on July 24.—At half-past seven o’clock, this morning, as J. H. Cook, proprietor of the Wilder House in this city, was standing in the public room of his house, about ten feet from the street door, with his back Partly towards it, conversing with A. T. Bates, Samuel Balliette, a daguerrean artist, stepped into the doorway unperceived, and discharged a revolver at Mr. Cook, the shot taking effect in the right side, just below the hip, making a severe, but not dangerous wound.  The revolver was snapped twice before Balliette was seized and disarmed.  Mr. Balliette is under arrest and will have his examination on Monday next.—Mr. Cook is one of our most respectable and enterprising citizens.  The cause of the outrage is not fully known, but is supposed to be some misunderstanding about money matters.

Reported on August 2, in the Cleveland Morning Leader.  (Cleveland, Ohio.)  That Samuel Balliet, the daguerrean, who recently fired at and wounded J. H. Cook, proprietor of the Wilder House, has had a preliminary examination in which no evidence was offered on the part of the defense.  The Prisoner was held in bonds of $2,000.  Mr. Cook is pronounced out of danger, and is rapidly recovering.

Samuel Balliette or Balliet, was not recorded in other directories or histories that were referenced.