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Mansfield Drug Store

1851-1852       Address Unknown, Mansfield, Ohio.

Mansfield Drug Store was recorded in one advertisement that appeared on August 25, 1852 in the Richland Shield and Banner (Mansfield, Ohio).  Daguerrean Artists’ Materials.  A full stock for sale cheap for Cash only, at the Mansfield Drug Store.  Nov. 5, ’51.

Mansfield Drug Store is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does record a Gilead Mansfield in Lexington as daguerreotypes and ambrotypes in 1859-1860 it is unknown if they are connected.  The distance (modern roads) between Mansfield and Lexington, Ohio is 7.3 miles.  Ohio Photographers 1839-1900 records him in Lexington from 1859 to 1897.