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H. M. Stuart

1856                Main Street, Harden’s Block, Belfast, Maine.

1859                Address Unknown, Augusta, Maine.

H. M. Stuart was recorded in two announcements in the Republican Journal (Belfast, Maine) and mentioned in one advertisement.  The first announcement appeared on March 7, 1856.  Daguerreotype Notice, Every Likeness Warranted!  Mr. Stuart, Daguerreian Artist would respectfully inform the citizens of Belfast and vicinity that he has taken the rooms formerly occupied by My. Quimby, in Haraden’s Block, Main Street, Where he will be prepared to furnish customers with Likenesses as perfect as can be obtained elsewhere and put up in neat and fashionable Cases, Frames, Lockets and Pins At the Most Reasonable Terms.

Likenesses taken in all weather, and at all hours of the day.

He would also say that with the aid of a Quick Camera of the best manufacturies (Sic.) in the United States he is enabled to take Likenesses of Children in the shortest possible time.

He will keep constantly on hand a good assortment of Cases, Frames, Lockets and Pins, of various styles and sizes.  H. M. Stuart.  [50]

The second announcement appeared on November 14, 1856.  Ambrotypes!  Mr. Stuart, At Haraden’s Block, Head of Main Street, Would respectfully inform the citizens of Belfast and vicinity that he is now prepared to take Ambrotype Likenesses of Superior Quality, For 50 Cents, Warranted Not To Fade!  In as good style as can be produced in New England.  Having tested to its utmost, the advantages of the Ambrotype over the Daguerreotype, both in Richness of Tone and Durability, he feels confident that he can give entire satisfaction to all who wish for Perfect Life-Like Minatures. (Sic.)  Those in want of good and lasting impressions of themselves and friends, are invited to call and sit, but a few seconds at most, to be convinced that such is the case.

These Pictures are Taken on Glass, and to be convinced that they are the most life-like and durable pictures ever taken, persons have but to see them-therefore, all are invited to call at Stuart’s Daguerrean Rooms, Haraden’s Block, Opposite the New Custom-House, and examine specimens.

He also continues to put up Daguerreotypes, in the usual manner, and in every style yet discovered in the art, such as Crayon and Stereoscope Likenesses, formerly admitted to be the most Life-like of any miniatures produced in the Daguerrean art, and but little inferior to his new and lasting Photographic Pictures.

Likenesses taken in all weather, and at all hours of the day, by sitting from one to ten seconds only, and put up in the most fashionable Cases, Frames, Lockets and Pins, At the Most Reasonable Prices.

He will keep constantly on hand a good assortment of cases, Frames, Lockets, and Pins, of the various styles and sizes.

Remember—Office in Haraden’s Block, Main street, opposite the New Custom-House.  W. M. Stuart. [18]

The advertisement which he was mentioned in appeared January 11, 1859 in The Age (Augusta, Maine) ad ran for three weeks.  Photographs!  J. S. Hendee Would respectfully announce to the citizens of Augusta, and the public generally, that he has made arrangements with W. M. Stuart, One of the best Photographist in the country.  To stop in connection with him at his Picture Rooms, for one or two weeks; where they will be prepared to make Photographs of the various styles and sizes, from the smallest to the largest.

Mr. Stuart, having had long and successful experience, and having made a number of useful discoveries in the art, which he is now using, will make Photographs that cannot be excelled in the country.

He has one of the improved, large, double-whole cameras, which enables him to make Pictures nearly Life Size!  As fine and  nice as smaller ones.  These large pictures are everywhere preferred; they are made perfect, and when colored, are as beautiful as Oil Paintings.  They can be seen in any light, and are the most durable pictures ever taken, and one sitting only is requisite for any number.

There Never was so large an instrument in the place before.  Now, therefore, is your time, To secure Memento that will withstand the ravages of time.  Any size Photographs made from small pictures and finished with colors and enamel, or plain.

Cutting’s Patent Ambrotypes Made at these rooms, that cannot be excelled in the Union. 

Pictures taken in cloudy as well as in fair weather.  Come in and examine specimens.

Remember, for a few days only!  Terms Reasonable.  Augusta, Jan. 10, 1859.

H. M. Stuart is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Belfast. Maine in 1860.  Which brings up the question did Stuart have a second studio in Augusta, Maine.

Asa Millit

1856                Address and Location Unknown, Maine.

Asa Millit was recorded in one advertisement that  ran from February 21 to March 20, 1856 in the Maine Farmer (Augusta, Maine).  Notice Particular.  I hereby certify, That I bought of Cutting & Bowdoin the exclusive right of Cutting’s Ambrotype Patent for the State of Maine, except the city of Portland, and that O. P. Howe of Augusta, has no right, whatever, under said patent, I having sold the exclusive right of the city of Augusta, to J. S. Hendee.  Asa Millit.

Asa Millit is not recorded in other photographic directories.  It is unknown if he was an image maker; speculator; opportunist, or if he even lived in Maine.