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George W. Coble

1853-1854       Grand Jury Room, Sunbury, Pennsylvania.

1855                Address Unknown, Sunbury, Pennsylvania.

George W. Coble is recorded in five advertisements and two announcements in the Sunbury American (Sunbury, Pennsylvania).  The first advertisement ran from December 1, 1849 to January 5, 1850.  Coble’s Tooth Ache Drops. A most valuable cure for the Tooth Ache.  For sale by George W. Coble.  Third (red) House above Railroad, in Water street. 

The second advertisement ran from October 19 to December 14, 1850.  Envelopes.—The subscriber would respectfully announce to his friends and a generous public, that he is manufacturing Envelopes of the best quality and of all kinds.  For sale by Geo. W. Coble. 

The first announcement appeared on September 10, 1853.  Daguerreotypes.—We call the attention of our readers to the advertisement of George W. Coble in another column.

The third advertisement ran from September 10 to 24, 1853.  Daguerreotypes!!  Geo. W. Coble Respectfully announces to the citizens of Sunbury and vicinity, that he has opened a Daguerrean Room.  The most artistical attention will be given to position; also in equalizing the light and shade on the face, so as to give every life-like expression, and entirely obviate the flat cadaverous appearance so common to Daguerreotypes.  Persons having unsatisfactory pictures taken by incompetent operators, or those wishing to obtain good miniatures, of themselves and friends are invited to embrace this opportunity, as he will remain but a few weeks.

His room is at the old place, in the Grand Jury Room, (County Buildings.)  Operating hours from 8 A. M., until 5 P. M., without regard to weather. 

The second announcement appeared on April 22, 1854.  Daguerreotypes.—Geo. W. Coble is again in town, prepared to take likenesses.  Pay his gallery a visit.

The fourth advertisement ran from April 22 to September 23, 1854.  Daguerreotypes!  George W. Coble, Respectfully announces to the citizens of Sunbury and vicinity, that he has again opened a Daguerrean Room, and is prepared to take likenesses.  He warrants his pictures to be satisfactory to all wishing true representations of themselves and friends.  Special attention is paid to children.  Copies taken with accuracy.  Instructions given on reasonable terms.  His room is at the old place, in the Grand Jury Room, (county building,) operating hours from 8 A. M. until 5 P. M., without regard to the state of the weather.  Copies should be sent in on cloudy days. 

The fifth advertisement ran from March 31 to May 5, 1855.  A Lot of Chemicals for Sale by Geo. W. Coble, Daguerreotypist.  German Bromine, Chloride of Iodine, do. Do. dry, Hypo Sulphate of Soda, Caynide of Potassyum, distilled Mercury, liquid quick and Gilding.  He has also a Daguerreotyping apparatus, a full set, which he will sell at a reasonable price.  He has also a variety of specimens from town and country, which he will sell at half price, also cases and mats, all of which he will sell as cheap  as they can be bought in the city. 

George W. Coble is recorded in Directory Of Pennsylvania Photographers 1839-1900 as being active in Sunbury, Pennsylvania without an address or activity dates.