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Eldridge Stanton

1856-1857       Pratt’s Block, over Kerr’s Hardware Store, Chatham, Ontario, Canada.[1]

1859                Address Unknown, Moundsville, Virginia.

1859                Address Unknown, Barnesville, Ohio. (?)

1859                Rooms at the Monroe House, Woodsfield, Ohio.

1859                Rooms at Davis’ Hotel, Woodsfield, Ohio.

Eldridge Stanton was recorded in five announcements and one advertisement in The Spirit of Democracy (Woodsfield, Ohio).  The first announcement appeared on May 18, 1859.  We are informed that all the handsome ladies about town intend to have their ambrotypes taken by Mr. Stanton.—Pretty much everybody else intends to do the same thing.  His terms are cheaper, and his pictures better, if we may judge from his reputation, than those of any of his predecessors in this place.

The advertisement ran from May 18 to July 13, 1859.  Mr. Stanton Is Taking Pictures For Fifty Cents, At The Monroe House Woodsfield Ohio.

The second announcement appeared on May 18, 1859.  Mr. E. Stanton, Photographer.  This gentleman, who has been here for some time, engaged in taking pictures for our citizens took his departure yesterday, bound for Barnesville, Belmont co., Ohio, where he will remain a few weeks before his departure for Canada, his place of residence.  While here he made many warm friends, and we were sorry to give him the parting hand, as we found him to be a worthy friend and fellow, and passed many a pleasant evening with him.  We commend him to those among he may chance to sojourn for a time—not only as a gentleman, but as an artist of the first water.  He has been a practical chemist for many years, and was the first to introduce the photograph (paper picture) into Western Virginia.  We can attest the fact of his skill as an artist from having the most life-like picture of ourselves taken by him, that we ever had taken in our life, although we have tried many artist.  He knows the use of the camera thoroughly.—Moundsville Sentinel.

The third announce appeared on May 25, 1859.  War!  War!  Before you start for the seat of War, give Mr. Stanton a call at Davis’ Hotel, and get your likeness taken to leave with your friends.

The fourth announcement appeared on July 6, 1859.  Interesting To All.—Mr. Stanton will be absent from town till Thursday the 7th Inst., when he will return and close up operating here by the 14th.  His success heretofore is sufficient evidence of his skill, we would advise all desiring those excellent Melainotypes, to give him an early call as the last day will undoubtedly be crowded.

The fifth announcement appeared on July 20, 1859.  Going to Remain.  Mr. Stanton had determined to depart from here on Friday, but such has been the rush of business at his rooms that he has concluded to remain until after court.  He is doing more than double the amount of business that any artist has done before him.  He makes the best pictures, by one half, and the cheapest by seventy-five per cent, that have ever been taken in this place.  That’s so.

Eldridge Stanton is not recorded in other photographic directories during the daguerrean period.  Born in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada on March 7, 1835, died Toronto in 1912.  Stanton was active in Baltimore, Maryland from 1867-1870, and in Detroit, Michigan in 1870.[1]

[1] A Biographical Index of Daguerreotypists in Canada 1839-1871 by Graham W. Garrett.