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A. Cosmes

1854                1 Camp Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.

A. Cosmes (of the partnership of Moissenet & Cosmes) was recorded in one Advertisement that ran from December 25 to 30, 1854[1] in the New Orleans Daily Crescent  (New Orleans, Louisiana).  Moissenet & Cosmes’s Daguerrean and Photographic Gallery, No. 1 Camp Street, corner of Canal.

F. Moissenet has the honor of informing the citizens of New Orleans and Strangers, that he has formed a business connection with Mr. A. Cosmes, a Photographist and Painter of European celebrities, and has opened expressly for the purpose of taking Photographic Portraits and Miniatures in the same building in which Daguerreotype Rooms are, by which means both branches will be under his personal care and direction.  He invites particular attention to his new and perfect mode of taking Portraits by which the physiognomy and coloring of nature becomes indelibly transferred in such a manner as cannot fail to present a true and exact copy of all the features and expressions of life—a fac simile of nature.

The Rooms are always open to the public, who are invited to examine the various specimens there exhibited. d25.

A. Cosmes is not recorded in other photographic directories.

[1] No newspapers were found between December 31, 1854 to July 1, 1855.