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J. W. Sargeant

1859                Marble Block, Cleveland, Ohio.

J. W. Sargeant was recorded in one advertisement that appeared on January 12, 1859 in the  Cleveland Morning Leader (Cleveland, Ohio).  Oval Frames For Photographs, Daguerreotypes, &c., &c.  In Great Variety.  Our New Styles of Fluted Oval are very rich.  J. W. Sargeant.  Marble Block.

J. W. Sargeant is not recorded in other photographic directories.

James H. Moorley

1850                116 Main Street, Barre, Massachusetts.

1850-1851       Austin and Irving Street, Worcester, Massachusetts.

James H. Moorley was recorded in one advertisement that ran from January 17 to February 14, 1851 in the Barre Gazette (Barre, Massachusetts).  To my Patrons in Barre and Vicinity.  Removal.  The subscriber has removed his Gilding Ans Framing Establishment from 116 Main St. to the corner of Justin and Irving Sts., where he makes to order all kinds of Looking Glass, Portrait, Picture, Miniature, and Daguerreotype Frames, in Gilt, Rose Wood, Black Walnut, or Mahogany.

All kinds of work Regiled. Looking Glass or Picture Glass put in Old Frames.  The Gilding will be White Varnished and warranted to Bear washing, and cheaper than Boston or New York.  James H. Moorley, Practical Gilder.  Austin and Irving St., Worcester.  Nov. 29, 1850.

James H. Moorley is not recorded in other photographic directories.

Daniel G. Hudgins

1856-1859                   220 Centre Street, New York, New York.

Daniel G. Hudgins was recorded in one advertisement in Richmond Daily Whig (Richmond, Virginia) and three entries in the New York City Directories.  The advertisement was recorded on March 17 & 28, 1857.  Cheapest Place In New York; 220 Centre Street, every style of Daguerreotype Frames of superior Workmanship, also Looking Glass, Portrait and Picture Frames of every description made to order at the shortest notice.  A large stock of Rosewood, Ogees, Black Walnut, Maple, Oak, and the best imitations, constantly on hand and for sale in the length.  Orders from any part of the Country promptly executed.  Dealers will find it to their advantage to call and judge for themselves.  Daniel G. Hudgins, 220 Centre street (one door from Odd Fellow’s Hall, corner of Grand St.) New York.

N. B. all kinds of Pictures and Looking Glasses framed to order, in the neatest manner, in gilt or fancy Wood.  no.27.

Daniel G. Hudgins was listed in the 1857/1858; 1858/1859 and 1859/1860 directories as Frames, 220 Centre.  In 1857/1858 directory his residence was H-241 Centre.  1858/1859 and 1859/1860 his residence was not recorded.  He was not recorded in the 1856/1857 or the 1860/1861 NYC directories.

Daniel G. Hudgins is not recorded in other photographic directories.  The date of the advertisement is November 27, [1856].