Lorenzo H. D. Shepherd

c.1852-1853    299½ Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

1853-1854       Rooms over Owen & Moulton’s Clothing Store, Saco, Maine.

Lorenzo H. D. Shepherd was recorded in two advertisements in the Maine Democrat (Saco, Maine).  The first advertisement ran from August 30 to October 25, 1853.  New Miniature Rooms!  Chlorine Gas!  Bad Eyes cured in a few minutes, and pictures more beautiful and life-like than can be taken by the best operators with the old chemicals, (such as is used by the operators in York County), in the world.  Few there are that know any thing about it.

L. H. D. Shepherd, Having had an advantage that no other operator has had in York County in picture taking, and having recently practiced with the greatest operator in the Known World, Mr. Silsbee of Boston, whose pictures stood foremost recently in the World’s Fair held in New York, takes this opportunity to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Saco and Biddeford, that he has located in Saco, where he has fitted and furnished Rooms in a better style than any in York County, Over Messrs. Owen & Moulton’s Store, Where he is prepared to take pictures better than can be obtained elsewhere.  Reference may be had to such as have sat many times in these towns and also in Portland, for pictures and without success, viz: Moses Emery, Esq., partner of S. V. Loring, Esq., Saco;—Umphrey Goodwin, Esq., who says he has had more than 10 pictures taken and never a good one before; Mr. Farwell, and others.

Pictures copied of all sizes; in the most perfect style.

A light, Transparent, the best in York County.  As for Size of Instrument and quality, None like it in York County.

Call and see.  Let the Premium Pictures be laid upon my Show Case.  Perfect satisfaction warranted or no sale.  Call and see.  L. H. Shepherd.

The second advertisement ran from November 1, 1853 to April 11, 1854.  New Miniature Rooms, Over Owen & Moulton’s Clothing Store.  Chlorine Gas Pictures!  Mr. Shepherd, having procured Mr. Colby’s Main Operator from Portland City, with himself, is prepared to put up pictures finer and as cheap as can be obtained in the County Of York.  Please call and see our specimens.

Lorenzo H. D, Shepherd is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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