E. B. Shaw

1847-1848       3 Pierce’s Block, Bath, Maine.

1848                Address Unknown, Wiscasset, Maine.

1849                Address Unknown, Bath, Maine.[1]

E. B. Shaw was recorded in two advertisements and two announcements in The Northern Tribune (Bath, Maine).  The first advertisement ran from November 6, 1847 to April 26, 1848. National Daguerrian Gallery.  Miniatures For $1.50 Including Cases At Shaw’s Rooms.  No. 3 Pierce’s Block, Over The Store Of S. W. Heath & Co.

Owing to the liberal patronage that the Public has already bestowed upon the Proprietor of this Establishment, he is enabled to execute Daguerreotype Likenesses for the above named price, and warranted to give satisfaction.  Citizens or Strangers, visiting these rooms, can have their miniatures taken and set in Morocco Cases, Gold Lockets, Breast Pins, Rings, Bracelets, &c., in a few minutes.

N.B.  Views of Churches, Public Buildings, &c., faithfully taken, in every other order punctually attended to.

Please call and examine specimens.  Bath.  Oct. 21, 1847.

The first announcement appeared on December 27, 1847.  Presents.  There is nothing more appropriate for a present than a Daguerreotype Miniature.—They can be had in this city in the highest state of perfection.  For further particulars see Daguerrian advertisements.  Bath Daguerrian can’t be beat.

The second announcement appeared on May 10, 1848.  F. B. Shaw, Daguerrian, has departed from us for a season.  He may be found for a few weeks in Wiscasset.

The second advertisement ran on May 11 & 12, 1848. Daguerreotypes.  F. B. Shaw.—Wiscasset, Has taken the room formerly occupied by Major Page, who would be happy to receive the visits of all who may wish a Daguerreotype Miniature.  Prices from $1.50 to $12.00.

As his stay in town will be short, all are invited to call at the earliest opportunity.

E. B. Shaw is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Bath Maine in 1849.

[1] Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.

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