1858                3 Front Row, Memphis, Tennessee.

Royster of the partnership of Carr & Royster (possibly Young Allen Carr and John or William G. Royster) was recorded in one advertisement that ran from August 28 to October 9, 1858 in the  Southern Shield (Helena, Arkansas).  Gallery of Fine Arts Carr and Royster, Artists.  No. 3 Front Row, Memphis.  As to extent of views and perfection of Artistic skill, this establishment stands at the head of Southern enterprise.  Visitors to the city are respectfully solicited to call and see the character of our work.  Feb. 6.  Carr & Royster.

Royster (first name unknown) is not recorded in other photographic directories as being in partnership with Young Allen Carr.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list a John Royster (initials may have been J. A. G. or J. H. E.) in 1858 he is listed as a daguerreian without a business address, William G. Royster is also recorded as a daguerreian without a business address in 1859 both are recorded in Memphis, Tennessee.

Craig also records Young A. Carr as being active from 1850-1860, at 31 Front Row, Memphis Tennessee.  New information identifies him as Dr. Young Allen Carr was a physician, was professor of chemistry in the Memphis Medical College, Daguerreian/photographer, journalist, Spiritualist, and the author of “A Philosophical History of the Origin and Development of Vegetable and Animal Life, and of the Human Mind, with an Explanation of the Mode of the Mind’s Connection with the Spirit World.

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