Charles Thomas Rogers

1849                12 Phenix Row, Belfast, Maine.

1850                Union Block, Front Street, Bath, Maine.

c. 1850-1852   Address Unknown, Portland, Maine.[1]

1853                Address Unknown, Gardner, Maine.1

1854                39½ Fourth, St. Louis, Missouri.

Charles Thomas Rogers was recorded in three advertisements and one entry in a regional directory, and one entry in.  The first advertisement ran from December 14 to 21, 1849 in the Republican Journal (Belfast, Maine).  Daguerreotype Rooms.  The Subscriber would respectfully inform this and adjoining towns, that he has taken rooms over No. 12 Phenix Row for the purpose of giving the ladies and gentlemen an opportunity of obtaining Miniatures of Themselves and friends.

Having practiced with one of the best artists in the country he feels confidence in himself, that he can give perfect satisfaction to all who may feel disposed to call.

Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens.  Instruction given in the art, and every thing pertaining thereto furnished on the most reasonable terms, and warranted of the best quality.  C. T. Rogers.  Belfast. Dec. 7, 1849.

The second advertisement ran from May 9 to July 11, 1850 in the Eastern Times (Bath, Maine). 

New daguerreotype Gallery.  C. T. Rogers Would respectfully announce to the citizens of Bath and vicinity that he has taken Rooms in Union Block, Front Street, Over D. Larrabee’s Bonnet Saloon, for the purpose of giving the Ladies and Gentlemen an opportunity of obtaining pictures for themselves and friends in superior style,  Neatly set in Lockets, Pins, Rings, Bracelets or cases.

The public are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens. 

Mementoes Of Life, while under the trying circumstances of final separation no price can purchase.

N.B.  Instruction given in the Art, and every thing pertaining thereto furnished, warranted the best quality, at the most reasonable prices.

Perfect satisfaction given or no pay.  Bath, May 6, 1849.[2]

The third advertisement appeared in the Montague’s Illinois And Missouri State Directory for 1854-1855.  C. T. Rogers, Would respectfully inform his friends and the public, that he has recently removed from his old rooms, on the corner of Fourth and Chestnut streets, to 39½ Fourth Street, Directly opposite the Planters’ House, St. Louis, MO., Where he has far better facilities for producing First Class Pictures, than at his former well known stand.  Mr. R. invites the attention of those desiring something Superior and Unique, in the way of Daguerreotypes, To Call At His New Rooms, Where he keeps constantly on hand a excellent assortment of Common and Fancy Cases, Frames, Gold Lockets, Pins, Rings, &c., and will be happy to wait on all who may favor him with a visit.  His rooms are Easy of Access, being up only one Flight of Stairs.

He has also the advantage of a Large Skylight, and every improvement that can facilitate the making of Photographic Likenesses equal to any made in or out of St. Louis.  And without the aid of Foreign Operators.

Charges Reasonable.

The entry from regional directory from Montague’s Illinois And Missouri State Directory for 1854-1855.  Business section under Daguerrean Artists.  Rogers, C. T. 39½ Fourth.

Charles Thomas Rogers is recorded in other photographic directories, the activity dates from 1849 in Belfast, Maine; 1850 in Bath, Maine and the c. 1853-1854 St. Louis, Missouri dates have not previously been recorded.

[1] Pioneer Photographers From The Mississippi To The Continental Divide A Biographical Dictionary, 1839-1865.

[2] Date may be a typo first available issue to be looked at was March 14, 1850.  The advertisement did not appear between March 14 through May 2, 1850.

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