Darwin N. Moor

1858-1859       Rooms over Moses Hale’s Book Store, Ellsworth, Maine.

Darwin N. Moor was recorded in one advertisement, five announcements and one illustration.  The advertisement (non-photographic) first appeared on April 9, 1858 in the Ellsworth American  (Ellsworth, Maine).  New Firm!!  The undersigned, having purchased The Furniture Store of W. W. Rogers, with the stock of Goods therein, would respectfully inform the public that they intend to continue the business at the same place.  We are constantly receiving from Boston, and shall keep on hand a good supply of all kinds of Furniture, consisting of Sofas, Stuffed Chairs, Fancy Chamber Sets, Cane Seat Chairs, Child’s Chairs, Bureaus, Mirrors, Rockers, Wood Seat Chairs…Carpetings,…Paper Hangings and Curtains…Bedsteads, Fence Post, Newel Post and Stair Bannisters…Read Made Coffins…

The first announcement appeared on October 1, 1858 in the Ellsworth American.  Daguerreotypes And Ambrotypes.—Darwin N. Moor, Rooms over Moses Hale’s Book-Store, takes capital pictures, in any style, or of any kind.  Mr. Moor is a good artist, a good fellow, and deserving of patronage.

The illustration first appeared on April 1, 1859 in the Ellsworth American.  Illustration of a plow after an Ambrotype by Moor appeared in an advertisement for B. F. Thomas & Co., Ellsworth, ME. Premium Plow.

The second announcement appeared on May 6, 1859 in the Ellsworth American.  Moor’s Ambrotypes, after close inspection, recommend themselves.  Try one and see.

The third announce appeared on October 14, 1859 in the Ellsworth American.  Agricultural Fair.  Entries On The Fair Grounds…

118, Darwin N. Moor & Co., Ellsworth, lot of fine furniture; bedstead, Whatnot, Bureau, Stands, Chairs, Show-cases, Ambrotypes, &c. &c…

The fourth announcement appeared on October 28, 1859 in the Ellsworth American.  Premium’s Awarded by the Hancock Ag. Society…Darwin N. Moor & Co., 1st prem. On Whatnot, $1.25., on Bedstead, $1.75., on Ambrotypes, diploma.

The fifth announcement appeared on November 17, 1859 in the Maine Farmer (Augusta, Maine).  Hancock Society.  This Society held its second annual Exhibition at Ellsworth, Oct. 11th, 12th and 13th…

Darwin N. Moor & Co., 1st prem. On Whatnot, $1.25., on Bedstead, $1.75., on Ambrotypes, diploma.

Darwin N. Moor is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in 1860 in Ellsworth, Maine.

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