Mr. Clark Moore

1849                Essex Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

1851                Rooms in Mr. Cook’s Block, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

1852-1853       Bank Building, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

1853                Rooms over Mr. Hampton’s Jewelry Store, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

1854                447 Main Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Clark Moore was recorded in eight advertisements and eight announcements in the Cambridge Chronicle (Cambridge, Massachusetts).  The first advertisement ran from December 13 to 20, 1849.  For a short time only!  Bay State Daguerreotype Saloon on Wheels!

Mr. C. Moore respectfully informs the inhabitants of Cambridge that he has arrived with superior arrangements for the production of First Class Daguerreotype Likenesses, And has located himself on Essex street, Cambridgeport, near the City Hall.

This Saloon having been built expressly for the business and the arrangements are such that it is believed pictures can be produced which are not inferior to the best specimens of the art.  He has also secured, and is using the Patent Gilding Process by which a transparent coating is formed over the picture, preserving it in all its original brilliancy, unimpaired by age, and warranted never to fade by exposure to the light or air.

Pictures taken from Portraits, Daguerreotypes, Busts—also from deceased persons and invalids at their residences if requested.

The second advertisement ran from September 6, 1851 to November 22, 1851.  Sky-Light Daguerrean Gallery.  Mr. C. Moore, Would respectfully inform the inhabitants of the City of Cambridge and vicinity, that he has recently fitted up a Room in Mr. Cook’s Block, next door to the Bank, Cambridgeport, with a splendid Sky Light, by which he is now enabled to take Pictures in the short time of four seconds, and he is as usual, prepared to take Likenesses in a manner superior to any offered in this place, by a process entirely original.

He is enabled to obtain good Pictures in almost any kind of weather, in proof of which statements he invites the attention of all to his Gallery, to examine specimens.  Prices as low as can be found in any other city.

Portraits, Daguerreotypes, Bust, & c. & c., From deceased persons and invalids, at their residence if required.

The first announcement appeared on October 4, 1851. Those of our readers who wish to secure a good daguerreotype for themselves or friends would do well to call on Mr. C. Moore, whose office is next door to the Bank on Main Street, where specimens can be seen and where they can secure as good a portrait as at any other establishment.  Mr. M. is one of our own citizens and should be encouraged.  Read his advertisement.

The second announcement appeared on January 3, 1852.  Daguerreotypes.—Those of our citizens who wish for a good daguerreotype picture are referred to the advertisement of Mr. Clark Moore, in another column.  Mr. Moore in eminently successful in copying the “human face divine”.—Our citizens are invited to call at his rooms, over the Post Office, and examine specimens.

The third advertisement ran from January 3, 1852 to May 1, 1852.  C.  Moore’s Sky Light Daguerrian Gallery, Bank Building, Cambridgeport.

Good Portraits taken in almost any kind of weather.—Miniatures taken at 75 cents and upwards.

The third announcement appeared on March 27, 1852.  Mr. C. Moore, Grateful for past favors, would respectfully give notice that his Daguerrean Room will shortly close!   

All persons in want of Good Portraits of themselves or their friends, are respectfully invited to call. Delay no longer; life is uncertain; secure the shadow while the substance is here!  How often it is that we put it off while life fades, and is gone to be here no more!  When, for only a dollar or two a picture can be taken which will not fade, and will stand for any age.  Room in the Bank Building, Cambridgeport

The fourth announcement appeared on November 20, 1852.  Daguerreotypes.—There is nothing around which affection clings more fondly than the features of those we have loved who have gone from us.  To have these features vividly imprinted before us, as it were a living picture to which we may again and again recur, is a solace the value of which those only can know who have enjoyed it.  The process of M. Daguerre, which from him has taken the name of the daguerreotype, has conferred upon the world this blessing, and placed within the means of all the possibility of securing likenesses of friends while they live, to remain with us after they have departed.  The general advantages of this process are to well known to need repetition.  Some objections which are urged against it are more than over balanced by the advantages, besides that they are, for the most part, removed by a skilled operator.

Our citizens have enjoyed, and still enjoy, an excellent opportunity for securing good likenesses of themselves and friends, at the studio of Mr. Clark Moore, in the Bank Building, in Ward Two.  The experience of Mr. Moore eminently qualifies him to take good pictures, while the large number who have secured likenesses through his means, attest the success of his efforts.  His pictures are devoid of that stiffness of which complaint is sometimes made, and in point of finish and general execution they are equal to those by the most celebrated daguerreotypists.  The likenesses of many of our citizens, true to the life, may b e seen at his rooms.  Children of every age, group, and single likenesses are taken by him, and the most perfect satisfaction secured.  His rooms are admirably adapted for the purposes of light and shade

We write for the benefit of our fellow citizens.  Many neglect, while the opportunity is offered them, what at some subsequent period they most deeply regret.  Parents may now secure the features of their children, which in after years shall be objects of interest to both; children may secure those of their parents; friends may thus secure their presence with friends, though they themselves may be absent.  Should any be induced by what we have written to secure the pictures of those they love we doubt not they will subsequently remember our suggestions with gratitude.

We would recommend all who desire to secure daguerreotypes to call upon Mr. Moore; all that experience and the most assiduous attention can secure will be secured by him.  His prices are moderate, and, with his pictures, will not fail to give satisfaction.

The fourth advertisement ran from December 11 to December 18, 1852.  A Rare Chance.  Daguerreotype Establishment For Sale.  The Subscriber is about to leave the place and would like to dispose of his establishment, consisting of a full apparatus for the Daguerreotype Business.  The room is not inferior to any in Boston, having an excellent skylight.  This is a good chance for any one that would like to go into the business, a knowledge of which can be acquired in a short time.  C. Moore, Bank Building, Cambridgeport.

The fifth advertisement ran from June 4 to July 2, 1853.   Daguerreotype Rooms.  Removal.  The Subscriber has removed from his old stand on the corner of Main and Essex Street, to the commodious Rooms [517] Main street, over Hampton’s Jewelry Store, up only one flight of stairs.

He has been making important in his establishment, and is now prepared tom furnish Daguerreotypes of individuals or Groups, at all times, and at reasonable prices.

The public is invited to call at his rooms, and examine specimens.  C. Moore.

The fifth announcement appeared on June 25, 1853.  We had intended, several weeks since, to call the attention of our citizens to the removal of Mr. Moore’s Daguerreotype to the spacious chambers directly over Mr. Hampton’s Jewelry Store, and a few doors east of the bank on Main street.  His arrangements for taking likenesses, singly and in groups, are of the most perfect character; and his rooms, being up only one flight of stairs, will form an additional inducement with many to give him a call.  We hope he may be amply repaid for the great outlay he has made.

The sixth advertisement ran from June 4 to July, 2, 1853.  Daguerreotype Rooms.  Removal.  The subscriber has removed from his old stand on the corner of Main and Essex Street.  To the commodious 417 [447] Main Street over Hampton’s Jewelry Store up only one flight of stairs.

He has been making important improvements in his establishment and is now prepared to furnish daguerreotypes of individuals or groups at all times and at reasonable rates.

The public is invited to call at his rooms and examine specimens.   C. Moore, Cambridgeport, June 2, 1853

The sixth announce appeared on June 23, 1853.  We had intended, several week since, to call the attention of our citizens to the removal of Mr. Moore’s Daguerreotype to the spacious chambers directory over Mr. Hampton’s Jewery Store, and a few doors east of the bank on Main Street.  His arrangements for taking likenesses singly and in groups, are the most perfect character; and his rooms, being up only one flight of stairs, will form an additional inducement with many to give him a call.  we hope he may be amply repaid for the great outlay he has made.

The seventh advertisement ran from December 10, 1853 to February 18, 1854.  Daguerreotype Rooms.  Mr. C. Moore respectfully informs the inhabitants of this city that he still continues in his Room, opposite the Hourly Office, Cambridgeport, for the purpose of taking first-class Daguerreotype.  Mr. M. would also state that he has made many important improvements in the Art and is ready to give his entire attention to the business, and hopes to have his share of patronage.  He likewise takes Likenesses from Daguerreotypes, painted Portraits, Busts and Engravings; also from deceased persons at short notice.

The seventh announcement appeared on December 17, 1853.  Daguerreotypes.—Those of our friends who are desirous of having Daguerreotype likenesses taken of themselves or friends cannot do better than to call on Mr. C. Moore, at his rooms, opposite the Hourly Office, Main street.  Mr. M. is an experienced master of his art, and in our judgment is excelled by few of his profession.  For further particulars see advertisement in another part of our paper.

The eight advertisement ran from March 18, 1854 to April 8, 1854.  Daguerreotypes For 50 Cents!!  C. Moore is now prepared to take Daguerreotypes expeditiously by machinery, and an entirely new process, for the very low price of 50 cents!  Daguerrean Gallery, Main Street, opposite the Hourly Office, Cambridgeport.

The eighth announcement appeared on April 15, 1854.  Daguerreotype Views—Mr. C. Moore has recently taken very fine views of buildings and streets in the vicinity of his daguerreotype rooms, among which is one of the Chronicle building, owned by Mr. Joseph A. Holmes.  Mr. M. will be happy to exhibit these views at his rooms, Main Street, opposite the hourly office, and to contract for similar views with any of our citizens.

Clark Moore is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Cambridge, Massachusetts from 1852-1854.

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