Falkner & Pennington

1859                Rooms over the Bank of Tiffin, Tiffin, Ohio.

Falkner & Pennington (Falkner & Barclay Pennington) were recorded in three announcements and one advertisement in The Tiffin Weekly Tribune (Tiffin, Ohio).  The first announcement appeared on August 19, 1859.  Falkner & Pennington have formed a copartnership in the Daguerreotype business.—Their Gallery is over the Bank of Tiffin.  See their advertisement.

The advertisement ran from August 19 to December 30, 1859.  Ambrotyping Photographs!  Falkner & Pennington, Take this method of informing their friends and old customers that they have purchased a full life size instrument, which is well calculated to take large groups.

Pictures!  Those who want a good sharp life-like picture of themselves, or friends, will be accommodated by giving us a call at our Mammoth Gallery, Where we are taking the largest and most fashionable styles of Pictures, at prices suiting to the hard times.

Special attention Is called to M. M. Griswold’s celebrated Colored Ambrotypes.  This style of Picture took the First Premium at the State Fair, at Sandusky City.  It excels all others for beauty neatness and durability.

A cordial invitation is given to Ladies and Gentlemen to call and examine on, different styles Pictures.

Rooms in Shawhan’s Block, formerly occupied by Hartsock & Falkner.  Falkner & Pennington.

Instruction given in the Art on reasonable terms.  Tiffin, April 8th, 1859.

The second announcement appeared on September 30, 1859.  The Seneca Co. Fair opened up on Wednesday…Floral Hall…Here we noticed some fine specimens of art from the Daguerrean galleries of Falkner & Pennington.

The third announcement appeared on October 14, 1859.  List of Premiums Awarded at the 9th annual Fair of the Seneca County Agricultural Society….Class 15th—Fine Arts.

Best display of Ambrotypes and Daguerreotypes, Tunison & Fay, 1st Prem. OF         2.

2d Best display of Ambrotypes and Daguerreotypes, Falkner & Pennington,  2d Prem. 1.

The partnership of Falkner & Pennington are not recorded in other photographic directories.  Both Falkner & Barclay Pennington are recorded in other photographic directories.

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