Fabreguettes & Morra

1850                73 William Street, Up Stairs, New York, New York.

Fabreguettes & Morra (Eugene Fabreguettes & Morra) was recorded in one advertisement that ran from July 3 to September 3, 1850 in The Evening Post (New York, New York. French Fancy Articles.  E. Fabreguettes Fils & Morra, 73 William Street (Up Stairs.)  Would call the particular attention of buyers of Fancy Goods at wholesale, to their large and well selected stock; in it may be found a complete assortment of Purses, Suspenders, Guard Chains, Percussion Caps, Tooth Brushes, Bags, Studs, Brooches, Finger Rings, Agate Buttons, Twist and Dressing Combs, Game Bags, Power and Liquor Flasks, Daguerreotype Plates, Steel Beads, Tassels, Buckles and Slides, Oiled Silks, Fans, Gold Scales and Accordions, of their own superior quality and make, each one of which is guaranteed to purchasers in perfect tone and finish.  Also constantly on hand, Paris Calf Skins of all the manufacturers, in entire cases only. 

Orders solicited for any description of Paris fancy goods and executed by their house in Paris, Rue Faubourg, St. Denis 23.

Fabreguettes & Morra are not recorded in other photographic directories.

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