Adams & Claflin

1853                142 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts.

1853-1854       188 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Adams & Claflin (George Adams & Charles R. B. Claflin) were recorded in five advertisements and two announcements in the Worcester Daily Spy (Worcester, Massachusetts).  The first advertisement ran from January 3 to March 11, 1853. Christmas and New Year Presents.  Adams & Claflin having formed a co-partnership, will be happy to receive a call from their friends and the public generally, at their rooms 142 and 188 Main Street.  A magnificent assortment of all the different styles of Fancy Cases, suitable for presents, just received.  Give us a call.

The second advertisement ran from January 13 to April 7, 1853. Listed under Worcester Business Directory of Manufactures, Trades & Professions under Daguerreotypes.

Adams & Chaflin sic., 188 and 142 Main Street.

The third advertisement ran from May 2 to August 22, 1853.  Adams & Claflin, Artist.  No. 188 Main Street, directly opposite the American House, Worcester, having a fine Sky-Light for Adults, we have recently added to our Establishment an adjoining Room, with a spacious Side-Light, expressly for Daguerreotyping Children, by the use of which Pictures are made almost instantaneously.—Those who have failed at other Rooms, are invited to give us a call.

Hours for small Children, from 10 a. m., to 4 p. m.

The first announcement appeared on May 3, 1853.  Daguerreotypes—We respectfully at the attention of our readers to the Advertisement of Adams & Claflin in another column.  They have recently had their Saloon elegantly and conveniently fitted up for the accommodation of lady and gentlemen sitters; and they have also made improvements, having special reference to taking the likenesses of children.  The pictures of Adams & Claflin are pre-eminently beautiful.  We believe it is impossible to excel them.  The out-lines of their portraits are always clear, the full lights and shadows are broad and deep, while the half shades are taken with the most delicate nicely.  Any one wishing to secure a true semblance of the “human face divine” of some dear friends or relatives should not fail to call on Adams & Claflin.

The second announcement appeared on August 4, 1853.  Colored Daguerreotypes.—Adams and Claflin, of this city, having succeeded in making colored daguerreotypes, which immensely excel every thing of the kind we have seen.  The color is laid on by chemical process, after the picture has been taken i the camera, and so skillful are Adams and Claflin in its application, that the outline, and even the most delicate shades are retained, in all their softness and beauty.

The coloring is clear and beautifully toned, and in our estimation renders the miniatures which Adams & Claflin make, unsurpassable by anything in art.—These daguerreotypes artists are second to none in their profession; and when, to their skill in the use of the camera, is added this beautiful process of chemical coloring, we may safely say they can produce portraits which cannot be excelled.  Those who wish to see what perfection they have attained, should visit their saloon, 188 Main Street.

The fourth advertisement ran from August 8 to 10, 1853.  Special Notice.  The new and beautiful “Chemically Colored” Daguerreotypes are made by Adams & Claflin, and by them only in this City.  For proof of the above statement call at our Rooms and examine our Pictures, colored by this process.  In comparison with some which we have taken over, which were made and sold by another Artist as Chemically Colored Daguerreotypes.  Comment is unnecessary.  Adams & Claflin, 188 Main Street.

The fifth advertisement ran from August 10 to September 27, 1853.  Very Special Notice.  Five Dollar Reward! 

As a certain 50 center, in this city still persists in advertising that he makes and sells “Chemically Colored” Daguerreotypes, we make him the following proposition:

We propose that the Gentleman hangs a case of his “Chemically Colored” Daguerreotypes in the lower hall of the Central Exchange, front of the Post Office, for one week; we will hang a case of our new style side of his, thus giving the public a chance to examine specimens, and see who is the humbug.

A Gentleman who has a love of the beautiful, and who can appreciate the “Fine Arts,” and knows the modesty and retiring disposition of the 50 cent man, has deposited with us Five Dollars, to be given to him, providing he will accept of the above offer.

Will the 50 cent man accept or quibble.  We shall see.  Adams & Claflin, 188 Main Street

Both George Adams and Charles R.B. Claflin are recorded in other photographic directories, but not in partnership.

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