Adams & Dunshee

1854                Pennsylvania Avenue, Between 4½ and 6th Streets, Washington, D. C.

Adams & Dunshee (George Adams & Edward S. Dunshee) were recorded in four advertisements and one announcement in the Daily Evening Star (Washington, D. C.).  The first advertisement ran from January 12 to April 4, 1854.  Metropolitan Daguerrian Gallery.  (Formerly Thompson’s)  The proprietors having purchased the above establishment would invite the attention of the citizens of Washington and vicinity to specimens of their photographic skill which have excited the admiration of all who have seen them , and which are admitted by artists to be unsurpassed if equaled by anything heretofore attained in the art.

Miniatures made in every style equally as well in cloudy as fair weather.

Especial attention is solicited to our new style of colored photographs.  Adams & Dunshee.    

The announcement appeared on January 16, 1854.  Daguerreotypes.—We were shown to-day some specimens of colored daguerreotypes, by Adams & Dunshee, successors to Thompson, at the Metropolitan Gallery, on Pa. avenue, between 4½ and 6th streets, which for delicacy of finish and beauty of coloring, are inimitable, the flesh tint is equal to life.  the colored daguerreotypes are a great improvement upon the plain ones.

The second advertisement ran from January 16 to 31, 1854.  Adams & Dunshee, successors to Thompson, are making and coloring Daguerreotypes superior in beauty and delicacy of finish to any heretofore made in the city.  Pa. avenue between 4½ and 6th streets

Call at their Metropolitan Gallery, and examine their work.            

The third advertisement ran from January 28 to February 7, 1854. Popular Demonstrations.—This emphatically an age of demonstrations, but one of the most popular and agreeable demonstrations we think of just now is that which test the excellence and superiority of the Daguerreotypes made by Adams & Dunshee successors to Thompson.  Their Gallery is over Lane & Tucker’s Store, Pennsylvania avenue, between 4½ and 6th street.

Give them a call and you will find that “seeing is believing.”  jan 26.

The fourth advertisement ran from February 8 to March 30, 1854. Metropolitan Gallery.—We cannot too highly recommend to the notice of our readers the beautiful Stereoscope Miniatures made by Messrs. Adams & Dunshee, successors to Thompson.  They are practical Daguerreotypist and fully understand the business which is evident from an inspection of their productions.  They give to their subjects an easy natural position, the right tone of complexion, harmonize the lights, manage the reflections, soften the shadows, and in fact give you a Daguerreotype which cannot be equaled in this city, in proof of which they will be happy to make a picture of any person, free of expense, who would like to test their skill in comparison with rival establishments.

Remember the “Metropolitan Gallery,” formerly Thompson’s, Pa. avenue, bet. 4½ and 6th sts.

Both George Adams and Edward S. Dunshee are recorded in other photographic directories, but not as partners or as being active in Washington, D. C.

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