Adams & Chapin

1851                Waldo Block, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Adams & Chapin (George Adams & Moses Sanford Chapin) were recorded in eight advertisements and one announcement in the Worcester Daily Spy (Worcester, Massachusetts).  The first advertisement ran from May 24 to July 8, 1851

Adams & Chapin’s Premium Daguerreotypes, Waldo Block. 

Call and examine Specimens.

“Ah!  see what a picture, behold what a grace

Lives in that posture and beams in that face,

As the sun-light transfers the soul-speaking eye;

It flashes in joy, though there is ‘nobody’ nigh.

Who ‘nobody’ is there is no need to tell,

Since the lassie herself knows the secret so well;—

Enough that we trace in such touching perfection

The intended—an object of cherished affection.”

The second advertisement ran from June 17 to July 8, 1851.  Daguerreotypes!  Who received the highest premium—a Silver Medal and Diploma— at the Mechanics’ Fair, in 1848?  Adams.

Who was the only person to whom was awarded a Silver Medal for the best Types exhibited at the Mechanics Fair in 1849?  Adams.

Who intends to make Daguerreotypes that will distance all competitors for the Fair of 1851?  Adams & Chapin, of Waldo Block.

Brother Artist, take particular notice.

The third advertisement ran from June 20 to 23 1851.  Notice.—In reference to a certain article that appeared in the Spy, dated June__, I would say, in reply, being requested so to do by that Daguerrian Artist to “take notice” who it was that took the medal in 1848.  It was Walker & Adams, not Adams alone, as be stated.  Who was it that took the medal alone, in 1848?

A. W. Van Alstin.

Adams; perhaps the public will say.  Why not A. W. Van Alstin?  Because he was in California.

Who was it that took so many poor pictures in my room while I was there?

Moses S. Chapin.

Where is George Adams operating at the present time?

Providence, R. I., not in Worcester.

Who is in the rooms formerly occupied by Adams?

Moses S. Chapin.

I hope that the remainder of the Artist’ will soon appear, and place him in his proper position, which is at the bench, with a saw and jack-plane.  A. W. Van Alstin.

The fourth advertisement ran from June 25 to 27, 1851.  Particular Notice.—A. W. Van Alstin, alias Dr. Van Alstin, (formerly a Corn Doctor,) of late from California, and “formerly of Lowell,” is respectfully informed that any statement, however false and malicious, he may publish, respecting us, we are willing should go to the public without any comments or refutations from us, believing it unnecessary, so long as the articles appear where he is known, and over his own signature.  G. Adams.  M. S. Chapin

The fifth advertisement ran from June 25 to July 8, 1851.  A. W. Van Alstin, in reference to a “Particular Notice,” which has appeared, signed “G. Adams,” and “M. S. Chapin,” respectfully refers the public to the Report of the Worcester County Mechanics Association, and would ask the following simple facts, quoted from that Report, and denied by “G. Adams” and “M. S. Chapin,” are “false and malicious.”—”No. 49,

A. W. Van Alstin, First Class Daguerreotypes, Silver Medal.”  “No. 630, Walker & Adams, Silver Medal”

Is it “false or malicious” to say that Adams is in Providence, R. I., when he is in Providence, R. I., although it is pretended he is in Worcester?  Is it “false or malicious” to say that A. W. Van Alstin can always be found at his own stand, taking the best Daguerreotypes that can be taken?  A. W. Van Alstin knows that when a rogues corns are trampled on, the rogue halloos; but he begs to say that if certain too tender-toed pseudo-daguerreotypists will call at A. W. Van Alstin’s rooms, over the New York Store, Worcester, he will cure them of the disease in their feet, and present them with their likeness gratis.  A. W. Van Alstin.

The announcement appeared on August 5, 1851.  Splendid Daguerreotypes.—Mr. Adams has returned to his old stand, having during his absence, been practicing in taking the new style of pictures, called vignette daguerreotypes.  Specimens may be seen at the rooms of Messrs. Adams & Chapin, over Waldo Hall, where customers can be accommodated either in the new or old style.  These specimens are exceedingly beautiful.  There is a softness and delicacy in the style, which we think will make them very popular, wherever they become known.  If executed with the skill and taste evinced in those above referred to.

The sixth advertisement ran from August 22 to September 12, 1851.  That the public appreciate the beautiful Daguerreotypes made by Adams & Chapin, in Waldo Block, is sufficiently evident to any one who visits their rooms, as they are constantly thronged with a class of our citizens who have the taste and judgment to disseminate and admire their splendid Miniatures.  The Vignette Daguerreotype is growing rapidly in popularity. 

The seventh advertisement ran from September 29 to October 7, 1851.  Particular Notice.—Geo. Adams would respectfully announce to his friends and the public, that the limitation of his engagement with Mr. Chapin, of Waldo Block, having expired, he has taken a suit of rooms in Brinley Row, over the Citizens Bank, and directly opposite the American House, where all those who are capable of appreciating fine Daguerreotypes are invited to call.  Mr. A.’s Rooms are very easy of access, spacious, and fitted up with every convenience to produce good miniatures.  The room for his Sky-light is of a size suitable for making a group of 40 persons on one plate.

The eighth advertisement ran from January 9 to February 11, 1852.  To the Public—The well known Daguerrean Rooms, Waldo Block, formally owned and occupied by Geo. Adams, and More recently by Adams & Chapin, have not been removed, but still are the center of attraction for all who appreciate good Daguerreotypes, as the facilities for taking daguerreotypes are such as cannot be surpassed in this city, if in the world.  The limitation between Messrs. Adams & Chapin and Adams & Co. Having ceased Sept. 18, 1851, Mr. Chapin would say to the public, that those splendidly finished Daguerrean Rooms, Waldo Block, are still open for exhibition, or all who may favor him with a call Mr. Chapin would say to all who would like good Daguerreotypes of themselves or friends, they will do well to call on Mr. C., Waldo Block, where all may be sure of obtaining perfect daguerreotypes for the extreme low price of 50 cents.  Perfect satisfaction given or no charge.  Particular attention paid to taking Children.—Hours for taking children from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M.  Call and examine for yourselves.         

George Adams & Moses Sanford Chapin are both recorded in other photographic directories but not in partnership.

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