Theodore S. Williams

1850                Address Unknown, Lynn, Massachusetts.

1854-1858       49 Union Street, Lynn, Massachusetts.[1]

Theodore S. Williams was recorded in one advertisement in the Salem Register (Salem, Massachusetts) and two broadsides.  The advertisement appeared on September 30, 1850.  List of Premiums & Gratuities.  Awarded by the Essex County Agricultural Society, September 26th, 1850. …Fancy Articles [The following Report of the Chairman of the Committee, Fitch Poole, Esq., of Danvers, contains the award of premiums under this head.]…

Daguerreotype Portraits and specimens of Penmanship by T. S. Williams, of Lynn.  These were quite creditable to the artist.  The wonderful discovery of this art of sun painting may yet enlarge the boundaries of Science to an extent once scarcely imagined.  Already the stars have been Daguerreotyped and fixed on the silver plate of the artist.  Why then may not portions of the moon be so represented as to exhibit a part of her disk with that perfection which belongs to this art and then the plate be examined by a powerful microscope which shall let us into the hidden secrets of our Satellite.  We make this suggestion to Mr. Williams with the hope that he will improve the hint, and some fine day—or night, introduce the committee to that noted individual, the “Man in the Moon.”

The firstBroadside is from the Lynn Historical Society Collection.  Patent Mezzotypes and Crystalotypes.  T. S. Williams Beg leave to return his thanks to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Lynn for their liberal share of patronage, and to make his yearly report.  For the year ending Sept. 1st, he has taken over two thousand likenesses, making an increase over the year before of eight hundred.  Now this fact shows at once that the people of Lynn appreciate true merit, and also shows that No. 49 Union Street is the place to get a good Daguerreotype at a reasonable price.

The proprietor intends to give his patrons the benefit of every improvement in the art, therefore he has purchased the Patent Right Whipple, Cutting & Co., of Boston to make Pictures on Glass and Paper.

The Mezzotype is taken on glass, put up and protected by a cement that is neither affected by heat, cold, nor dampness, and consequently will not fade or sport.  They are pronounced by good judges to be superior to Daguerreotypes.

Crystalotypes.  The likeness is first taken on glass, then transferred to paper by the agency of light, in unlimited numbers, as from a copper plate; being equal in beauty to the finest engraving.  If a Teacher or Clergyman wishes to give each one of his pupils or church members a likeness of himself, he can obtain any number of positives of paper by only one sitting once for a negative on glass, and at a cheap rate of about 25 cents apiece by the hundred, much larger, better, and more durable than any cheap Daguerreotypes.

Mr. W. would respectfully invite all teachers and Clergymen in Lynn, to call at his rooms and take a sitting, and for the trouble of so doing each one will be presented with a large sized Photograph of themselves.  An early call is solicited.

A quick process for taking Children, which seldom fails; the forenoon is the best time.  Please call and see specimens.

Daguerreotypes taken in the best style from $1 to $20 and warranted.  Cheap pictures for 50 cents in a good Case.

T. S. Williams, Proprietor.

C. G. Hill, Assistant Operator.

No. 49 Union Street, opposite Central Depot.

The secondBroadside is from the Harvey Zucker’s Collection.  Williams’ Sunbeam Gallery!!  No. 49 Union St., 49,—Lynn.

Immortal sun, great source of light,

Thou that maketh all things bright,

By thy aid and mysterious power,

nature smiles after a genial shower.

By thy aid we are able to trace

The features of the human face,

And upon the polished plate impress

Face and form, with lifelike truthfulness.

Surprising art! by which we lend

our countenance to an absent friend,

Or at the close of life’s eventful career,

Leave a memento for those we hold dear.

Next Thursday will be thanksgiving day,

Some meet for sport, others to pray;

But Williams will his favorite art pursue,

To save the shadows of the noble crew.

For a Holiday Gift of all the rest,

A type of yourself is surely the best,

Then hie for Union Street,—No. Forty-nine,

And get your Picture in a Case or Locket fine.

I have made arrangements with Mr. Hill—a first rate Artist—to assist me during the winter, therefore I shall be prepared to take any number of Pictures at short notice, from the smallest to the largest.  My apparatus is considered the most complete in this country, having a Quick Camera, made expressly for taking Children, by which we can get a perfect likeness in Two Seconds of time; therefore persons wishing for a Good Likeness, at a low price, are invited to call before going else where.

Pictures warranted perfect, or no charge will be made.

Theodore S. Williams is recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Lynn, Massachusetts from 1854 to 1858.

[1] A Directory Of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900.

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