J. P. & J. A. Todd

1858                Rooms over A. R. Orchard’s Store, Farnham Street, Omaha City, Nebraska.

J. P. & J. A. Todd were recorded in one advertisement that ran from July 3 to September 2, 1858 in the Bellevue Gazette (Bellevue City, Nebraska).  Sky Light Daguerrean Gallery Over A. R. Orchard’s Store, Farnham Street, Omaha City, N. T.  The Public are respectfully invited to call and examine our pictures.  Ambrotypes, Melainotypes. And pictures transferred to Leather, taken at reasonable prices.

Pictures taken in from 3 to 5 Seconds.  J. P. Todd, J. A. Todd.

J. P. & J. A. Todd are not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Omaha City, Nebraska.  Recorded in Pioneer Photographers From The Mississippi To The Continental Divide is a listing for Jacob Todd who is listed as an ambrotypist in Knoxville Iowa in 1860…Jacob Todd, twenty two years old was enumerated twice in the 1860 federal census of Iowa. On June 6  J. P. Todd declared no property and was living at his parents’ home.  On July 6 Jacob Todd, twenty three years old was listed in Newton, Iowa as J. P. Todd, ambrotypist.  He was living in a boarding house or hotel and declared $200 in real estate and $75 in personal property.  It is possible there was a typo and one of the brothers in the census was J. A ?  (Speculation on my part, just thinking out loud.)  The quickest distance from Omaha City, Nebraska to Knoxville, Iowa is 157 miles.  The distance from Knoxville to Newton, Iowa is about 28 miles.

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