Horace S. Tousley

1851-1854       Rooms at J. W. Taggard’s Hall, Adirondac Building, Keeseville, New York.

Horace S. Tousley was recorded in four advertisements and ten announcements in the Essex County Republican (Keeseville, New York).  The first advertisement ran from November 29, 1851 to April 10, 1852.  Plain and Colored Daguerreotype Miniatures.  H. S. Tousley, Would respectfully inform the inhabitants of Keeseville and vicinity, that he has taken rooms at J. W. Taggard’s Hall, Adirondac Building, for the purpose of taking Miniature Likenesses by the Daguerreotype process, having made himself acquainted with the latest improvements in the Art, and by the use of superior chemicals and gelding, and the advantage of a Sky Light which renders the impression permanent, possessing the appearance of real life.

Mr. Tousley warrants satisfaction to all who may favor him with a call.  His process being the same as those in the principal cities, and equal in style.  An experience four years in the Art enable him to produce the desired effect.

Miniatures taken in any weather, with or without colors, in a superior style and neatly set in Lockets, Pins, Rings, Bracelets or Cases.

Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens, and sit for their likenesses, by way of experiment if they choose.

Instruction given in the Art, every thing appertaining to the business furnished at reasonable prices.

Particular attention paid to taking Large Pictures and Groups of any number.  By the same process, he takes perfect pictures of Infants and Children. 

The first announcement appeared on February 14, 1852.  For The Republican. Daguerreotypes.  Keeseville, February 10.  Mr. Editor:—Having been in the Daguerrean rooms of the gentlemanly Artists, Mr. Tousley, during the past week, I was forcibly struck by the life-like and truthful daguerreotypes of some of our distinguished citizens.  Among those which I was particularly pleased with, were the Rev. Mr. Mattocks, A. C. Nelson, Esq., N. G. Sawyer, Esq., and the group of four fine looking young ladies, which we think for tone, color and finish, cannot be surpassed in the Art.  They reflect great credit upon the talented Artist, and we hope our citizens will prove their appreciation of his efforts to please, by their liberal patronage.

The second advertisement ran from July 17 to August 14, 1852.  H. S. Toulsey’s Gallery.  Rooms open from 8 A. M. to 5 P. M. Those In Want Of Daguerreotypes are requested to call, and satisfaction given or no charge made.  Adirondac Buildings, Keeseville, N. Y.  Entrance at M. J. Jenkin’s Jewelry Store.

The second announcement appeared on August 14, 1852.  H. S. Tousley, the accomplished and talented Daguerrean Artist of our village, who’s truthful and artistically executed likenesses haven given such universal satisfaction to our citizens, and which have been pronounced by competent judges superior to any thing of the kind ever exhibited in Keeseville is about to leave us for a short time.  His rooms at this place will be closed until about the 1st of Sept. when he will return.  Due notice will be given.

The third announcement appeared on August 14, 1852.  H. S. Tousley’s Daguerreotype Gallery.  Is closed and will remain closed until about the 1st of Sept. when he will be happy to again meet his numerous friends and customers.  H. S. Tousley.

The third advertisement ran from October 16, 1852 to January 8, 1853.  Tousley’s Sky-Light Daguerreotype Rooms, Adirondac Buildings, Keeseville, N. Y. 

H. S. Tousley, after an absence of several weeks, has returned and reopened his commodious rooms for the reception of visitors.  He has brought with him from the New York market, a splendid assortment of Cases, &c., and being desirous of keeping pace with the spirit of the times, he has made himself familiar with all the recent improvements in the Daguerreotype system.  Those in want of truthful likenesses had better call without delay, as I shall probably close my rooms in 6 or 8 weeks.  Remember that “procrastination is the thief of time.”  The public is cordially invited to call and examine specimens. 

The fourth announcement appeared on April 2, 1853.  Installation of Peru Lodge No. 281.  By invitation of our Peru brethren, and under the sanction of the Grand Master of the State of New York, Peru Lodge No. 281, of Free and Accepted Masons, was according to primitive usage, installed Ausable River Lodge of Keeseville; the following named brethren acting as grand officers.  

Worshipful C. D. Barton, Grand Master. Worshipful David Pitkin, Deputy G. Master. Worshipful George Miller, G. S. W. Worshipful John Nash, G. J. W. Worshipful Oliver [K], 2d G. Secretary. Worshipful Turner Calkins, G. Treasuer. Worshipful S. Allen, M. D., G. S. Deacon. Worshipful H. S. Tousley, G. J. Deacon. Worshipful C. D. Beaumont, G. Marshall. Worshipful ______ Calkins, Grand Tiler….

The fifth announcement appeared on April 30, 1853.  Don’t Fail To Notice That H. S. Tousley’s Daguerreotype Gallery, at Keeseville is always open from Sunrise till sunset.  Call and see him everybody, as your faces can be taken in great shape, and neatly act in the choicest cases at low prices.

The sixth announcement appeared on July 2, 1853.  The courteous Daguerrean Artists, H. S. Tousley, after a short absence, has again returned to his old quarters in the Adirondac Building.  Mr. Tousley is so well known in this vicinity as an Artist of Rare ability, and has given such unqualified approbation for the past two years, that an endorsement from us is unnecessary.

The fourth advertisement ran from July 30 to December 10, 1853.  Daguerreotypes.  Look At This!  Don’t fail to call and see for yourselves, that H. S. Tousley is yet among you, and may be found, as usual, in his rooms from sunrise until sunset, ready to supply patrons with Daguerreotypes, with or without colors.  He is always ready to make your picture on the shortest notice, and is determined that he will not be outdone by any operator in Northern New York, or even in the cities.  Call and try his skill, as satisfaction will be given in all cases or No Charge.

Mr. T., it is well known has occupied rooms in the Adirondac Buildings, for over 2 years, Where he has had the advantage of an excellent Sky Light which is acknowledged by all competent operators to be unequaled in producing a dark rich picture with well arranged lights and shadows, which will make a Daguerreotype not only pleasing as a portrait but as a work of Art.

Mr. T. has also just received a very extensive assortment of well selected stock, of the latest style and the choicest ever offered in this village.  Pictures taken all sizes from the smallest sized Lockets, Pins, Rings, to Full Size, And warranted to remain permanent, and put up in the best style.

N. B. A Dark Dress is preferable to a light one in all cases to ensure a rich picture though a light one may be taken if desired by the sitter.  Horace S. Tousley.

Entrance at M. J. Jenkins Jewelry Store. 

The seventh announcement appeared on September 17, 1853.  Agricultural Fair.  The Agricultural Fair at E-town [Elizabethtown] yesterday…

Mr. Tousley’s daguerreotypes were the observed of all observers’ and received unequivocal praise at all hands….

The eighth announcement appeared on December 17, 1853.  Masonic.  At a regular communication of Ausable River Lodge, No. 149, of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, the following named brethren were elected officers for the year ensuing…H. S. Tousley, Senior Deacon…

The ninth announcement appeared on April 29, 1854.  Something New.—At the Daguerreotype Gallery of Mr. H. S. Tousley, may be seen a group of twelve good looking young gentlemen called the ‘nice young men of Keeseville.’  Young Ladies of taste are particularly requested to call and examine as they claim to have More [Hair] than any twelve men in this vicinity.

The tenth announcement appeared on May 13, 1854.  Temperance Meeting.—At a meeting of the citizens of Keeseville called to be held at the Wesleyan Chapel, on Monday evening, the 8th inst., for the purpose of expressing sympathy with and proffering  support to the Poor-masters of this town in their prosecutions against the violators of the excise law, Major Powers, Esq., was chosen Chairman, and Mr. H. S. Tousley, Secretary….

Horace S. Tousley is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list H. E. Tousley active in 1859 in Ausable Chasm and Keesville, New York.  It is unknown if they are the same person.

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