Mr. Stewart

1842                Room over Mr. Hanna’s Store, opposite Browning’s Hotel, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Mr. Stewart was recorded in one advertisement that appeared in the Indiana State Sentinel  (Indianapolis, Indiana) on May 24, 1842.  Daguerreotype Miniatures.—The Daguerreotype is regarded as the most wonderful discovery of the age.  Miniatures taken from life, portraits, bust, &c. by this operation cannot fail to excite the admiration of every one.  The process gives a perfect fac simile, and such a miniature is indeed a treasure.  In the creation of these pictures, light alone is the pencil and nature the artist.

Mr. Stuart has opened a room in this place, over Mr. Hanna’s Store, opposite Browning’s Hotel, and is prepared to exhibit some of the finest specimens of the Photographic Art, and to make miniatures at the shortest notice.  Those who wish a second self, will do well to give him a call.  We intend, having viewed the specimens, to see how handsome we are, and will give the result to our readers pretty soon.

Mr. Stewart is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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