J. Stewart

1858-1859       Rooms over T. J. Denton’s Store, Okolona, Mississippi.

J. Stewart was recorded in one announcement and three advertisements in The Prairie News  (Okolona, Mississippi).  The announcement appeared on March 25, 1858.  Do you want a good picture of yourself?  If so go to Stewart’s rooms, over Mr. Denton’s store.  Mr. S.—is a deservedly popular artist, for he knows just exactly how long you must sit to get a good likeness.  Indeed you can scarcely tell it is a picture merely impressed on glass, so lifelike is the resemblance, so natural is the expression you fancy you can almost see it breathe and move.—But we cannot give you an idea of the beauty of a fine ambrotype, so go and have one taken.

The first advertisement ran from March 25 to May 6, 1858.  Ambrotyping.  J. Stewart would respectfully announce to the citizens of Okolona and vicinity, that he has taken rooms over Mr. T. J. Denton’s Store where he will remain a short time, and is prepared to take Likenesses in the most approved style of the Art.

Prices to suit the times.  Have your likenesses taken to-day, to-morrow may be to late.

The second advertisement appeared on November 18, 1858.  If you want a correct picture of yourself, all you have to do is call on Stewart, who has taken rooms over Denton’s, and get him to take your likeness. 

“Secure the shadow ere the substance fade.”

The third advertisement ran from November 18, 1858 to March 10, 1859.  Ambrotyping.  The undersigned thankful for former favors, would respectfully inform the citizens of Okolona and vicinity that he has returned, and opened over T. J. Denton’s store, where he would be happy to accommodate the public in his line of business.  J. Stewart. Oct. 18, 1858.

J. Stewart is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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