Mr. Stewart

1845                Rooms in State Street, opposite Givens’ Hotel, Schenectady, New York.

Mr. Stewart was recorded in one advertisement and three announcements in The Schenectady Cabinet, or, Freedom’s Sentinel (Schenectady, New York).  The advertisement ran from October 7 to 21, 1845.  Daguerrian Portraits.  Mr. Stewart, of New York, would inform the inhabitants of Schenectady, that he has taken rooms in State-st., opposite Givens’ Hotel, for the purpose of taking Miniature likenesses.  Persons contemplating having their Portraits taken, are invited to call and sit for them, and if not perfectly pleased will not be requested to take them.  Portraits taken by the process used by Mr. S. cannot fade or become dim by any length of time.  Terms—for a portrait with a fine morocco case, $1 to $4; taken in any weather.  Mr. S. will remain for two or three weeks only.                                                                                                  

The first announcement appeared on October 14, 1845.  Daguerrian Portraits.—The attention of the reader is requested to Mr. Stewart’s advertisement in another column.

The second announcement appeared on November 4, 1845.  Miniature Likenesses.—It is fully conceded that by no other form or process, can there be so accurate and faithful a likeness executed, as by the Daguerrean Process.  There have been many improvements made in the art within a few years past; and the Portraits taken now, are far superior to former ones.  Those executed by Mr. Stewart, State-street, opposite Givens’ Hotel, are, we believe, faultless.  His Portraits are beautiful as Pictures as well as correct and faithful as Likenesses.

The third announcement appeared on November 25, 1845.  Miniature Likenesses.—We would call the attention of our readers to the Daguerrian Portraits taken by Mr. Stewart, opposite Givens’ Hotel.  The general fault of Portraits taken by this process, is want of tone and distinctness.  But those executed by Mr. S., instead of the features being blank and inexpressive as white paper, have all the tone and expression of a fine mezzotint engraving.  As Mr. S. will remain but a short time, we advise those who may want a portrait to avail themselves of the present opportunity of getting a good one.

Mr. Stewart is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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