John W. Stancliff

1852                26 & 27 Foots Block, Springfield, Massachusetts.

John W. Stancliff was recorded in one announcement that appeared on August 14, 1852 in the Daily Republican (Springfield, Massachusetts).  Daguerreotypes.—Our neighbor Cooley has lately taken some of the most beautiful pictures we have ever seen in this line.  He has taken pictures of Signor Guidi in six of his principal opera characters, with characteristic costume, which are colored in the most exquisite manner, and are really next to perfection itself.  He has also a picture of our highly popular candidate for Governor, John H. Clifford, taken last week, from life.  Another of Henry Clay taken from life, in Kentucky, about one year since, by J. W. Stancliff, by whom all these pictures were executed, and who is now engaged for Mr. Cooley, and who has had a large experience in his profession, which, combined with his taste and skill, insure work of rare merit.  We are happy to know that Mr. C. is thronged with customers and friends, and the above pictures will form a new attraction to his rooms.

John W. Stancliff is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1852.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list a John W. Stancliff active in Hartford, Connecticut and Louisville, Kentucky, there is a possibility that they are the same person.

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