M. Stamm

Ca. 1847-1849            96 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

1849-1850                   East Water Street, over Gardiner’s Jewelry Store, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.           

M. Stamm was recorded in two announcements in the Milwaukee Sentinel (Milwaukee, Wisconsin). (Announcements provided by Greg Drake.)  The first announcement appeared on November 21, 1849.  Daguerreotype Rooms—M. Stamm, for several years an operator in Whipple’s Daguerrian Gallery in the City of Boston, has taken the rooms occupied by Mr. Wood, over Gardiner’s Jewelry Store and offers his services to the public in the art of taking portraits at a moments sitting.  We spent an hour in Mr. Stamm’s rooms yesterday, looking at his Gallery of pictures, which embraces excellent likenesses of Gen. Taylor, Daniel Webster, and other distinguished men.  Mr. Stamm is a skillful and obliging operator, and when he sets about taking a face, never gives up till its done to his and the subjects liking.  He has all the materials, and of the best quality, for the practice of his art and deserves a liberal patronage.

The second announcement appeared on April 6, 1850.  Daguerreotypes;—We saw some capital likenesses yesterday at Messrs. Stamm & Co.’s Rooms on East Water Street, over Gardiner’s Jewelry Store.  They were taken by a new and improved instrument; are of larger size than the usual miniatures, and quite superior in design and execution.

Recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Register as Willian Stamm.  Stamm was not listed in the Boston City Directory between 1845-1851.

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