H. A. Stambaugh

1854                Rooms over Mrs. Irland’s Millinery establishment, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

1856-1857       Rooms over Drs. Wood’s Drug Store, Greene, New York.

H. A. Stambaugh was recorded in Three announcements and two advertisements.  The first announcement appeared in the Lewisburg Chronicle (Lewisburg, Pennsylvania) on December 1, 1854.  Mr. H. A. Stambaugh, of Harrisburg, has opened a Daguerrean Gallery in the room over Mrs. Irland’s Millinery establishment.  Give him a call.

The second announcement appeared in The Chenango American (Greene, New York) on October 16, 1856.  New Arrangement.—H. A. Stambaugh has taken the Daguerreotype Rooms formerly occupied by M. M. Wood.  Give him a call and see the latest and most improved style in the art.  See advertisement.

The first advertisement ran from October 16 to December 11, 1856 in The Chenango American  (Greene, New York).  New Arrangement!  H. A. Stambaugh, would respectfully announce to the citizens of Green and the surrounding country, that he has taken the Daguerreotype Rooms formerly occupied by Mr. M. M. Wood, where he is prepared to take Pictures in the Latest and most Improved style of the art.  Having had over four years experience in the art, he is confident of giving entire satisfaction to all that may favor him with a call.  All he asks is a call!

N. B.—Entire satisfaction guaranteed, Or No Pay Expected.  Instructions given in the Art, and apparatus furnished on reasonable terms.

The third announcement appeared in The Chenango American (Greene, New York) on December 4, 1856.  Daguerreotypes, H. A. Stambaugh, (at the rooms formerly occupied by M. M. Wood,) is astonishing the people with his superior skill as an Artist.  He is taking splendid pictures, and is fast earning an enviable reputation.  Give him a call and examine his specimens.  We think they excel any we have seen in this vicinity.

The second advertisement ran from December 11, 1856 to January 8, 1857 in The Chenango American (Greene, New York).  Holiday Gifts.  H. A. Stambaugh would respectfully announce that, for reasons unforeseen, he will not be able to remain in this place longer than till the Holidays, and persons wishing pictures of themselves or friends, will please call soon.  He has on hand a general assortment of fine and fancy cases, which, when filled with his superior pictures, are the most suitable Holiday Gifts that can be made for friends or relatives.  Special attention given to taking pictures of children, and to copying pictures.

N. B.—Pay no attention to the weather.  Pictures taken equally well if clear or cloudy.

H. A. Stambaugh is not listed in other photographic directories.

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