J. A. & A. B. Stansell

1854                Standing near the Pierson House, Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

J. A. & A. B. Stansell were recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in The Wyandot Pioneer (Upper Sandusky, Ohio).  The announcement appeared on January 19, 1854. 

Daguerreotype Pictures.—Now is the time to get your pictures taken, while the Messrs. Stansell are here.  They have taken some of the best pictures we ever saw.  If the ladies want to send themselves off in mail to their sweet-hearts abroad, no better time will be afforded them than the present.  Gentlemen who would present their beautiful phizes to their loved ones, can do so now, by calling at the Daguerrean Gallery, standing near the Pierson House.  See the advertisement of this establishment in to day’s paper.

The advertisement ran from January 19 to April 6, 1854.  J. A. & A. B. Stansell, Daguerrean Artist, would respectfully announce to the citizens of Upper Sandusky and vicinity, that they will remain here for a short time, and are prepared to take Daguerreotype pictures in the finest and most fashionable style of the art.—Those who would “Secure the shadow ere the substance fades,” can do so, on as reasonable terms as in any place in Ohio, by calling at the Daguerrean Gallery of the above mentioned artist, where you will at all times be welcomed.  We are also prepared to take miniatures in rings, watch-seals, breast-pins, &c., such a manner as to please the most fastidious.           

Instructions given in the Art on reasonable terms.  Pictures warranted not to fade.

J. A. & A. B. Stansell are not recorded in other photographic directories.

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