Spyker & Hawn

1852                Rooms in the Brick Building on the South Side of Market Street, Lewisburg,                           Pennsylvania.

1853-1855       Rooms in the New Building over Dr. Thornton’s Drug Store, Lewisburg,                              Pennsylvania.

Spyker & Hawn were recorded in two announcements and three advertisements in the Lewisburg Chronicle (Lewisburg, Pennsylvania).  The first announcement appeared on May 21, 1852. Lewisburg is well supplied with Daguerrean Artists, at present.  At the lower end of Market Street, S. L. Bergstresser, with his apparatus, materials, Sky-lights, and parlor, all on wheels, ready for locomotion—Spyker & Hawn on Market street, nearly opposite Kremer’s—and R. B. Harris at the upper end of Market Square—are all engaged, and show creditable specimens of their skill in catching and imprisoning nature’s own shadow.

The first advertisement ran from May 21 to October 8, 1852.  Lewisburg Daguerrean Gallery.  Spyker & Hawn would respectfully announce to the citizens of Lewisburg and surrounding towns and country, that they have opened a Daguerrean Gallery in the Brick Building on the South Side of Market st., between third and Fourth Sts., nearly opposite D. S. Kremer & Co.’s store, or two doors east of John Houghton’s, where they are prepared to take Daguerreotype Likenesses to insert into Madalia, Breast Pins, Finger Rings, &c.  Persons having pictures of their friends, can have them copied as good as the original, and put up in cases.

Having a permanent location, persons from a distance can have their picture taken any time they call.  Persons wishing their Family taken, can do well by calling as they can come at any time it suits them, our Gallery being permanent and always open.  Pictures taken for $1.00 and upwards. N. B.  Instructions given on reasonable terms.  Spyker & Hawn.        

The second advertisement ran from August 5, 1853 to March 1, 1855.  Daguerreotypes.  Spyker & Hawn would inform the public that they have fitted up a Room expressly for Daguerreotyping, in the New Building over Dr. Thornton’s Drug Store—entrance at the first door, up stairs—where they are prepared to perform any work in their line in the best style of the art.  WE can take pictures at almost any hour in the day.  Children taken as well as adults—and other pictured copied.

As we have now a permanent location, fitted up exclusively for Daguerreotyping, we think we can render entire satisfaction, and respectfully tender our services.  F. Spyker,   J. L. Hawn.                                                                

The second announcement appeared on October 20, 1854.  Second Annual Fair Of The Union County Agricultural Society….Report of Judges…No. 15.—Unenumerated Articles…

Spyker & Hawn, Lewisburg, specimens of Daguerreotypes, elegantly got up, and for neatness and workmanship the committee recommends a diploma.

The third advertisement ran from February 23, 1855 to January 2, 1857.  Improvement in Daguerreotyping!  Spyker & Hawn announce to the public that they have newly fitted up and greatly improved their Rooms and Apparatus, and are prepared to take Likenesses superior to any in this place heretofore.  Pictures copied, or taken from life, and inserted in Medallions, Breastpins, Finger-rings, Watch seals, &c., warranted true.  We annex a list of our superior Cases: Papier Mache, Souvenir, Jenny Lind, Jewel, Union, Sontag, Oval, Velvet and Shell.  Pictures taken at $1 and upwards.  Rooms at the old stand over Dr. Thornton & Co.’s Drug store, opposite the Telegraph office.                      

For Sale—A first-rate Outfit, all complete and ready for use, which we will sell to any person, with full instructions in the business, for less than first cost.

Spyker & Hawn (F. Spyker & J. L. Hawn) are not recorded in other photographic directories.

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