Mr. Spooner

1851                Opposite the Empire House, Cooperstown, New York.

Mr. Spooner was recorded in One advertisement and two announcements in The Freeman’s Journal (Cooperstown, New York).  The advertisement ran from February 8 to March 15, 1851. The Traveling United States Daguerrean Gallery, Will remain in Cooperstown (opposite the Empire House) a short time if sufficient encouragement be given.

By the fine arrangement of light in this carriage, pictures are made more even shaded than in rooms usually, on account of having the benefit of a Sky and Side Light Combined, and are made in half the usual time of sitting.

Mr. Spooner has different sized Cameras, and is prepared to make pictures of various sizes, and set them in Frames, Cases, Lockets, Rings, Pins or Bracelets, particular attention paid to taking pictures of children.  Time—from one to four Seconds. 

Pictures taken from sick and deceased persons at their residences.  Copies taken from Daguerreotypes or Portraits.  Also, views taken of residences, &c.

Pictures taken as well in cloudy, as fair weather.

The Carriage will be open for sitters and visitors from 8½ A. M., until 4½ P. M., excepting children under six years of age, who must come between the hours of 10 A. M. and 2 P. M.   

The first announcement appeared on March 1, 1851.  Mr. Spooner, Daguerreotypist, has been in town a few weeks, during which he has taken a large number of Daguerreotypes.  Mr. S. is an excellent artist.  His pictures are in the finest style of the art.  We understand that he will remain here a few days longer, and then will travel through the country, when those who desire to “secure the shadow, ere the substance fades,” will have a convenient opportunity to do so.

The second announcement appeared on April 5, 1851.  Particular Notice.  The Daguerreotype Carriage will remain in Cooperstown (opposite the Empire House) but a few days longer, and persons wishing pictures must call immediately.  Mr. Spooner has regained his health and will be there to [     ] to the business himself.   March 27, 1851.

Mr. Spooner is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Cooperstown, New York.  It is unknown if Mr. Spooner is one of the Spooner’s from Springfield or New Bedford, Massachusetts.

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