H. E. Squier

1851                Rooms over William B. Campbell’s Store, Camden, South Carolina.

1852                Address Unknown, Camden, South Carolina.

1853                Rooms over the Post Office, Camden, South Carolina.

H. E. Squier was recorded in four announcements and five advertisements in the Semiweekly Camden Journal or The Camden Journal (Camden, South Carolina.)  the first announcement appeared on November 14, 1851in the Semiweekly Camden Journal.  Daguerrean Hall.  We have visited Mr. Squire’s Room, and find some capital likenesses.  Those persons with whom we are acquainted, are excellent pictures, and may be recognized at a glance.  Mr. Squire was awarded a prize by the South Carolina Institute last winter, for the second best Daguerreotypes.

The first advertisement appeared in the Semiweekly Camden Journal and ran from November 14 to December 5, 1851.  Sky-Light Daguerrean Rooms, In the Hall over the Store of Mr. William B. Campbell.  Mr. H. E. Squier would respectfully announce to the citizens of Camden and its vicinity, that he has fitted up a sky and side Light, which is acknowledged by all artist to be far superior, as it softens the light, and perfects the eye, thereby rendering it perfectly easy for persons with weak eyes to sit for a miniature.

Mr. S.’s skill in the art needs no comment.—Persons at all skeptical are requested to call and satisfy themselves by ocular demonstration.

A fine assortment of Medallions and fancy Cases.

Likenesses of children taken in a few seconds, warranted to be perfect.           

The second advertisement appeared in the Semiweekly Camden Journal on December 5, 1851.  Daguerreotypes.  If any of our friends desire a good likeness of themselves they would do well to give Mr. Squier a call, as he contemplates leaving Camden shortly, and another opportunity as favorable may not occur again for sometime to

“Secure the shadow

While the substance lasts.”

The second announcement appeared in the Semiweekly Camden Journal on December 29, 1851.  Daguerreotypes.  We are requested to state by Mr. Squier, that his stay will be limited to ten days longer.  Those who desire good pictures would do well to avail themselves of the present opportunity of getting them.  Mr. S. has succeeded admirably well with his pictures here

The third announcement appeared in The Camden Journal on February 24, 1852.  Daguerreotypes.  Mr. Squier will remain a short time longer, and those who are desirous of obtaining a good picture, are requested to give him an immediate call.

The third advertisement ran from September 10 to 21, 1852 in The Camden Journal.  Daguerrean Notice.  Mr. Squier respectfully announces to the citizens of Camden and vicinity, that his Daguerrean Gallery is now open, where he will, for a short time, be happy to wait upon those who may favor him with a call.  Thankful for past patronage, he solicits a continuance of the same.                 

The fourth announcement appeared in The Camden Journal on September 10, 1852. A Boy about 12 or 15 years of age, to wait in an office.  Apply at Daguerrean Gallery.

The fourth advertisement ran from September 24 to November 5, 1852 in The Camden Journal.  

Timely Hints to All.  Friends.—Readers, if you have a valued friend in whose welfare you feel an interest, that friend will prize, as a precious memorial, your Daguerreotype Miniature, if taken in Squier’s peculiar style.

Parents.—If you are still blessed with Parents, and no Artist’s Pencil has or can truly trace the lineaments of his or her familiar face or form, you may well act the part of wisdom to advise or persuade them to visit, without delay, Squier’s Daguerreotype Rooms, and have their Miniature taken in his superior style of art.

To All.—how many have lost a father, a Mother, a Sister, a Brother, or an innocent prattling child, and have not even the shadow of a resemblance to look up on.  After the separation, some “little toy” or trifling article is often kept for years, and cherished as a token of remembrance.  How much more valuable would be one of Squier’s perfect Daguerreotype Miniatures of the “loved and lost.”

There is scarcely any one who does not take pleasure in gazing on the features of a friend, and when that friend has been removed by death, we often hear the exclamation uttered with an expression of deep regret, “Oh, what would I not give for such a picture of my friend.”

Readers, perhaps you cannot do a better thing, while your mind is upon the subject, than take an hour or two now, and visit the gallery; then you may, at some future period, have reason to feel grateful for these “Gentle Hints” from Squier’s Daguerrean Gallery.     

The fifth advertisement ran from May 17 to August 16, 1853 in The Camden Weekly Journal.  Mr. Squier Will remain in Camden for a few days.  During his stay he will open a Room over the Post Office, for the purpose of taking Daguerreotypes, and will be happy to wait on those who may favor him with a call.

Thankful for the liberal patronage which he received during his previous visit to this place, he would still solicit a continuance of the same.

At his room will be found a large collection of specimens, among which is a Daguerreotype of Mr. Calhoun, one of Jenny Lind, and one of Robt. Burns.

Likenesses taken of sick or deceased persons at their residence.

Daguerreotype, Portraits and Engravings copied. 

Instructions given in the art, and apparatus furnished if desired.                  

H. E. Squier is recorded in Partners with the Sun South Carolina Photographers 1840-1940, P. 41 & 42.

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