James C. Spencer

1845                Rooms over A. L. & G. N. Webb’s Store, Plattsburgh, New York.

James C. Spencer of the firm Barstow & Spencer was recorded in two advertisements that appeared in the Plattsburgh Republican (Plattsburgh, New York).  The first advertisement appeared on March 15, 1845.  Colored Photographs.  “First Come First Served.”  Barstow & Spencer Will remain in Plattsburgh for a short time only, taking Daguerreotype Miniatures, at the rooms hereto fore occupied by Geo. F. Barstow where they will be happy to attend to as many more as may choose to embrace the opportunity of obtaining, for a trifle, beautifully accurate likenesses of themselves or friends. 

Ladies and gentlemen are invited to call and examine specimens of their work.  Geo. F. Barstow. Jas. C. Spencer.  March 11.

The second advertisement appeared on May 10, 1845.  Plumbe’s Premium Colored Daguerreotypes.  Barstow and Spencer would inform the public that they will remain at their rooms one week longer, and that they have just returned from Plumbe’s National Miniature Gallery, New York, with the latest improvements in the Photographic Art; they are certain of giving their customers complete satisfaction by furnishing them with Pictures which for beauty and accuracy of delineation cannot be surpassed.

Ladies and Gentlemen are invited to call and examine the late specimens of their work.

Daguerreotype Apparatus and Stock of a superior quality, for sale.  Also, instruction in the art given on reasonable terms.  G. F. Barstow,  J. C. Spencer. 

James C. Spencer is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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