E. Spencer

1851-1852       Room on Bridge Street, over Allen’s Store, Oswego, New York.

E. Spencer was recorded in two advertisements that appeared in The Oswego Daily Palladium  (Oswego, New York).  The first advertisement ran from August 1, 1851 to February 11, 1852. New Daguerrian Gallery.  R. Spencer, Having taken the rooms formerly occupied by S. B. Henderson, opposite City Hotel, is prepared to execute sky-light miniature Likenesses of various dimensions, unsurpassed in delicacy of tone and brilliancy of finish.  Having had some years’ experience in the art, and with his present facilities for executing good Miniatures, he hopes to merit and receive a share of public patronage.  Oswego, May 16, 1851.

The second advertisement ran from August 4, 1851 to March 9, 1852.  E. Spencer, Daguerrean Artist, Room on Bridge street, nearly opposite the City Hotel, over Allen’s store.  Likenesses taken at any time between 8 o’clock A. M. and 6 P. M., and in cloudy as well as fair weather.

E. Spencer is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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