Alonzo I. Snow

ND                  At Plumbe’s, Address and Location Unknown.

1845-1846       257 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

1849                Address Unknown, Boston, Massachusetts.

Alonzo I. Snow was recorded in one advertisement that appeared on October 13, 1845 in The Boston Daily Bee (Boston, Massachusetts).  Chase’s Daguerreotype Rooms, 257 Washington Street, Boston.  The most desirable location for this business in the city; first floor over Haskell & Howland’s large Silk and Shawl Store, in the new and splendid stone building, just erected, and entirely free from the many objections and annoyances inseparable from procuring likenesses at many other places.  The proprietor’s aim will be to make his rooms a genteel and fashionable place of resort, where the public are guarantied as good pictures as this beautiful and valuable art can produce, and his object being to Excel, no pains or expense will be spared to secure the most competent skill in every thing appertaining to the business, and he would be glad of every opportunity to compare his work, or put his skill in competition with others.

Mr. Snow, direct from Mr. Plumbe’s, where his long experience and unparalleled success prove he Cannot be Excelled, will conduct the operating department.  Persons desirous of having likenesses are respectfully invited to call, and the most fastidious shall be suited, or no charge.

Instruction given, apparatus and stock furnished, and warranted such as represented.  Pictures taken in any weather.   

Alonzo L. Snow is recorded in other photographic directories.  New information is the connection to John Plumbe, Jr. (probably Boston, Massachusetts) and Lorenzo G. Chase.

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