Mr. Sloan

1857                Rooms on Texas Street, Shreveport, Louisiana.

Mr. Sloan was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in The South-Western  (Shreveport, Louisiana).  The announcement appeared on June 10, 1857.  Melainotypes.—Mr. Sloan, an experienced artist, has opened on Texas street, a gallery, where he is prepared to that Melainotype and Ambrotype pictures in a superior manner.  Being fully conversant will all the latest improvements in the photographic art, he is able to produce superior pictures.

The advertisement ran from June 10 to 17, 1857.  Melainotypes and Ambrotypes.  The subscriber begs respectfully to announce that he has taken rooms on Texas street—No. 1, up stairs—for the purpose of taking these beautiful Pictures, which have been pronounced by artists and connoisseurs to be the newest, latest and greatest improvement in Photography.  The Melainotype possesses several advantages over any other style of picture, among which will name a few, viz: they will receive a fall without fracture; a bend without injury; may be washed off when soiled; be handled without the face being marred; they are susceptible of high and beautiful coloring; which for richness of tone, completeness of design, and boldness of feature, cannot be surpassed by any other style of picture, and can be cut in breastpins, lockets, etc., like a daguerreotype; and for durability, there is no question of their superiority.

Ladies and gentlemen are invited to call and view my specimens, whether they want pictures or not.

All pictures warranted to give satisfaction, or no charge will be made.  Sloan.

Mr. Sloan is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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