W. Robert Small

1847                A few doors from H. S. Cutting’s Store, Green River, Vermont

W. Robert Small was recorded in one advertisement and one announcement in the Vermont Phoenix (Brattleboro, Vermont).  The advertisement ran from October 29 to December 17, 1847. Daguerreotype Miniatures.  The subscriber would respectfully inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Green River, and vicinity that he will open a room a few doors from the store of H. S. Cutting, on the first of Nov., for the purpose of taking Daguerreotypes.  W. Robert Small.                       

The announcement appeared on November 12, 1847.  Our friend Small, it will be seen by his advertisement, is now at Green River, prepared to daguerreotype “the human face divine.”  He is an excellent artist, and a worthy young man.  We know the latter fact by a pleasant acquaintance with him; and his being instructed by Mr. Cooley is proof of the former.  If personal merit and good pictures can command success, friend S. will have custom enough.

W. Robert Small is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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