A. C. Smith

1850                Rooms at the second door of Briggs’ Exchange Buildings, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

1851                Rooms at the Town Hall, Lewistown, Pennsylvania.

1855                Address Unknown, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

A. C. Smith was recorded in two advertisements and two announcements.  The first advertisement ran from April 18 to May 16, 1850 in The Star of the North (Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania).  Daguerreotype Pictures!  A. C. Smith, Respectfully informs the good citizens of Bloomsburg and vicinity, that he will remain a short time to furnish those who wish a fine likeness either in Case, Lockets, Breast-Pins or Rings.

Mr. S., has recommends from celebrated Artist in Baltimore, Washington, D. C., Philadelphia, New York and Boston, that he is capable of furnishing a fine specimen of the art to any favoring him with a sitting.

Rooms at the second door of Briggs’ Exchange Buildings, up stairs. Commence on Monday April 15 th. Instruction will be given in the Art of taking Likenesses. Please call immediately, as I remain but a short time, A. C. Smith, Artist.

The second advertisement ran from October 24 to November 7, 1851 in the Lewistown Gazette  (Lewistown, Pennsylvania).  New Daguerreotype Room, In the Town Hall, Lewistown.  A. C. Smith, daguerreotypist, would call the attention of the citizens of Lewistown and vicinity to his daguerreotypes of Citizens and Others, At Rooms in the Town Hall.

Persons sitting for pictures may rest assured that no pains will be spared to produce them in the highest perfection of art.  His Instrument is of the most powerful kind, enabling him to execute pictures unsurpassed for high finish and truth to nature.

Persons sitting for pictures are neither required nor expected to take them unless perfect satisfaction is given.

N. B. Instruction given in the art, containing the most recent improvements.

The Public are solicited to Call and Examine.  Sept. 19, 1851.

The first announcement appeared on November 14, 1851 in the Lewistown Gazette (Lewistown, Pennsylvania).  List Of Awards By The Mifflin County Agricultural Society, At their Exhibition and Fair in Lewistown, held on Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 4th & 5th….The Committee on Domestic Household Manufactures, Embroidery, &c., Report:…

Daguerreotypes, taken by Mrs. Reed—first class.

Daguerreotypes, taken by J. Smith—first class.

Daguerreotypes, taken by A. C. Smith—first class.

1855 September 25-28.  Third Annual Report Of The Transactions Of The Pennsylvania State Agricultural Society For The Year 1855.  April 15, 1856, Vol. 3, p 75-76.  Information from Richard Jeffries.

Premiums Awarded…No. 35—Miscellaneous Articles And Fine Arts.

To Washington Barr, of Harrisburg, for a collection of daguerreotypes, photographs and stereoscope, a……………………………….Silver Medal.

To. A. C. Smith, of Harrisburg, for a case of daguerreotypes and two frames of Daguerreotypes, a……………………………………………..Diploma.

To W. Barr, of Harrisburg, for a large collection of daguerreotype cases, a……Diploma.

A. C. Smith is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania in1850 or in Lewistown, Pennsylvania in 1851.  In Directory of Pennsylvania Photographers 1839-1900 an Alexander C. Smith is recorded in Harrisburg from 1852 to 1862. It is possibly that they are the same person.

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