William S. Shaw

1859                188 Main Street, Richmond, Virginia.

William S. Shaw was recorded in one advertisement that ran on December 29 & 30, 1859 in The Daily Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia).  Duke’s Southern Photographic Temple Of Art, 188 Main st., cor. Above the Post-Office. Plain Photographs executed for $1 only; Duplicates $9 per doz.  Ivorytypes $10 and up.  Photographs in Indian Ink, pastel, Water Colors, and Oil, from miniatures to life size, on the most reasonable terms.

Mr. Wm. S. Shaw, late of London, who had the honor of being selected by the Protestant Episcopal Missionary Board to photograph the Bishops, Clerical and Lay Delegates of the Episcopal Church of America that met here in convention in October, Is now engaged at the Southern Photographic Temple of Art, and the public may rest assured they will be supplied with first class work in all branches of the art, equal to that of any other establishment in the Union—as Mr. Shaw is well known , and acknowledged one of the first photographers of this Country. Advertisement ran on December 29 & 30, 1859.

William S. Shaw is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Baltimore, Maryland in 1858, and 1858-59, and possibly in Richmond, Virginia in 1860.  

Ross J. Kelbaugh  records in Directory Of Maryland Photographers1839-1900, two listings.  The first entry “Shaw” is from The Photographic And Fine Arts Journal. November 1857, page 331.  Friend Snelling, — I promised to give you a full account of the Exhibition of Photographs and Ambrotypes, at the Maryland Institute Fair this year. Well there is plenty of material to go upon. First, Mr. P. L. Perkins has a grand display, better than last year, and the arrangement of his pictures are more tasteful.  He has life sized photographs painted in oil, some eight or ten; cabinet pictures also.  Mr. Shaw who has been operating at. this establishment, is a good workman and fully understands his business…

The second entry is “Shaw, W., photographer” S. Holliday near Fayette (1858-1859). 

Are they the same person I don’t know, more research is needed to make that determination.

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