Miss. A. Shedd

1854-1855       Nattinger’s block, south side of the public square, Ottawa, Illinois.

Miss. A. Shedd was recorded in one advertisement that ran from December 16, 1854 to March 17, 1855 in The Ottawa Free Trader (Ottawa, Illinois).  Daguerrean Gallery!  Miss A. Shedd Would take this opportunity of informing her friends and the community at large, that she has bought out the daguerrean rooms formerly occupied by J. Marston, and would say that she is now prepared to take miniatures in the latest and most approved styles of the art, having the advantage of a large sky light, and one on C. C. Harrison’s best camera.

Always a good supply of plain and fancy cases on hand, from $1.50 to $10.

Hours for operation, from 8 A. M. to 4 P. M.  Dark dresses always preferable.  December 16.

Miss A. Shedd is recorded in A Directory of Early Illinois Photographers Compiled by Marie Czach as being active in 1854.

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